Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Did Francisco Coronado interact with the american Indians?

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Coronado mistreated native Americans for one thing he strangled a native American

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Why was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado mean to the Indians?

Francisco Coronado was nice to the indians.

Did Francisco Coronado survive battles?

Well on his expedition he got in a battle with the Pueblo Indians and got injured but survived

What was the name of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's ship?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado did not have a ship. His expedition consisting of 300 Spanish soldiers and a thousand Indians set off from Mexico on foot or on horseback to explore the American southwest looking for the golden cities.

What are facts about plains Indians?

Plains Indians were nomads. .Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was one of the first explorers to encounter these Indians. Buffalo was their main source of food and their migration was followed. They lived in teepees.

Southwest Indians discovered by Coronado?

Pueblo Indians were the southwest Indians discovered by Coronado. He gave them the name "Pueblo" because they were settled and not nomadic.

Did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado meet people from another culture?

Explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado led an expedition through the Grand Canyon and the southwestern United States. He encountered Zuni Indians in New Mexico as well as Pueblo Indian populations.

Francisco coronado and how did he survive?

The part of his expedition reached Arizona after surviving the winter on the Rio Grande at Cuana (they were threatened by small group of indians which was routed).

Who fought the Tiguex War?

They were the 1540 to1541 battles between the army of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and the Pueblo Indians in present day New Mexico.

Was Francisco Vazquez de Coronado a good man?

He and his men abused the Pueblo Indians and forced them to become slaves. I'll let you decide whether he was a good man or not.

What did Coronado wear?

Francisco Coronado probably wore a pair of tights and a type of undershirt called a tunic. He also wore heavy armor plate that covered most of his body and a very large helmet. His appearance was very intimidating to the Mexican Indians he met.

Is querechos a word?

Querechos were a Native American tribe named by Coronado. Historians agree the group was made up of Apache and Navajo Indians.

Was francisco de coronado mean to the native Americans?

yes he was very rude and mean. the Indians told him the story of Quivira (a wild goose chase) to get him off their land because they hated him so much.

Did coronado kill pueblo Indians?

No they did notMEActually, Coronado did kill some Pueblos, but it was only due to diseases he and his crew had brought over.GhostBustersF

What was the Tiguex War?

The 1540 to 1541 battles between Coronado and the Pueblo Indians.

What Indians did John Cabot interact with?

John Cabot came in contct with the Mohawk Indians

What was the goal of the exploration by Francisco Vasquez De Coronado?

Coronado was apparently seeking the legendary "Seven Cities of Gold" which were rumored to exist in the Sonoran Desert in what is now the US Southwest. His expedition from 1540 to 1542 was mostly fruitless, but he did subjugate some of the Zuni Indians, and explored as far as the Great Plains and what is now northern Texas.

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