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Coronado mistreated native Americans for one thing he strangled a native American

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Q: Did Francisco Coronado interact with the american Indians?
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Why was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado mean to the Indians?

Francisco Coronado was nice to the indians.

What Native American tribes did by Francisco Coronado encounter?

The Zuni and Pueblo Indians.

What did Francisco Coronado bring with him on his expedition?

1,000 Indians and 300 soldiers

What was Francisco Coronado's obstacles?

they were things like Indians that protected there homes

What was the name of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's ship?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado did not have a ship. His expedition consisting of 300 Spanish soldiers and a thousand Indians set off from Mexico on foot or on horseback to explore the American southwest looking for the golden cities.

What was coronado's impact on American Indians?

Well, he made piece with the Indians and started an army.

Did Francisco Coronado survive battles?

Well on his expedition he got in a battle with the Pueblo Indians and got injured but survived

What two ways did the English interact with the American Indians?

They slaughtered them

What are facts about plains Indians?

Plains Indians were nomads. .Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was one of the first explorers to encounter these Indians. Buffalo was their main source of food and their migration was followed. They lived in teepees.

Southwest Indians discovered by Coronado?

Pueblo Indians were the southwest Indians discovered by Coronado. He gave them the name "Pueblo" because they were settled and not nomadic.

Did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado meet people from another culture?

Explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado led an expedition through the Grand Canyon and the southwestern United States. He encountered Zuni Indians in New Mexico as well as Pueblo Indian populations.

Who were the southwest Indians discovered by coronado?


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