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Yes, they quit making it. Yes, they quit making it.

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Q: Did Gatorade quit making mixed berry propel water?
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One View:Propel has less calories, but that's because it contains sucralose, which is a sugar substitute. I personally don't trust any of these sugar substitutes. Vitamin water contains fructose (natural fruit sugar), so it has more calories than Propel, it is the more natural choice. Another View:Incorrect. Vitaminwater does not use a natural fruit sugar (fructose). In reality it contains 3 heavily processed artificial sugar substitutes known as Crystalline Fructose, Erythritol and Rebiana. On the other hand, Propel uses a blend of real sugar mixed with sucralose (a safe sugar substitute). This keeps their drink down to a mere 2 grams per serving.So both products contain artificial sweeteners, but Propel contains only natural sugar and only one substitute for you to worry about compared to the 3 mixed substitutes in Vitaminwater. Thus making Propel the MORE natural choice.Also consider that Propel only has 10 calories compared to Vitaminwater's 50 calories per serving, makes it also the healthier choice.