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Q: Did George w Carver really get castrated?
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Who invented lotion and soap?

george w carver

What has the author George W Carver written?

George W. Carver has written: 'How to Grow Marijuana Indoors for Medicinal Use'

Did George W Carver have a spouse?

no he did not

When did George W Carver die?

On 1943

What day did george w Carver dei?

January 5th, 1964 was the date of George Washington Carver's death.

Did George W Carver Invent Lotion?

Mr. George w caver did NOT invent lotion.

Did george w carver have sisters or brothers?

No he didnt

Where could you find information on George W Carver?

You can try Wikipedia at the link below which has within the article itself links to additional information regarding George W. Carver .

George w carver had his greatest impact on the economy where?


What was one of George W Carver's Invention?

Peanut butter!

What things did George w Carver make stuff out of?


What was george w carver's favorite animal?

This kind of helped me