George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a scientist who revolutionized agriculture in the Southern United States. He encouraged poor farmers to grow alternative crops to cotton such as peanuts and sweet potatoes.

George Washington Carver

Who is Jordan carver?

She is from Munich, Germany. She is a model who is currently based in California, USA.

George Washington Carver

Did George Washington Carver make soap ink or glass out of peanuts?

George Washington Carver

What hospital was George Washington Carver born at?

There were no hospitals at his birthtime

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George Washington Carver

What was George Washington's wife like and how did she affect his life?

Martha Custis was a rich heiress who was a few months older than George Washington. She affected his political life by giving him resources and increased respectability. What she didn't give him, obviously, was children.

George Washington Carver

Did George Washington Carver make any mistakes?

All inventors make mistakes and since George Washington Carver was an inventor, he probably made many mistakes.

George Washington Carver

How did George Washington Carver use pecans?

He used it in his grandma's pies to feed his ugly horses. And, that is why we make pecan pies today! Except we aren't ugly horses...

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George Washington Carver

What are the adjectives in the sentence George Washington Carver walked eight miles to get to the closest school?



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George Washington Carver

Where did George Washington go to school?


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George Washington Carver

What are facts about George Washington Carver?

George Washington Carver created over 100 uses for the peanut, so he was an inventor. When he was a baby , he was separated from his mom so he was taken in and treated like a white child, even though he was black.

He made 300 products of peanuts that were used for houses and farms

George Washington Carver was an American scientist. He was born into slavery. He developed over 100 uses for peanuts as part of his research into alternative crops to cotton.
he loves fishing

George Washington Carver

Who was George Washington Carver?

George Washington Carver is a Inventor, Botanist , Chemist , and a Scientist.

The first African American to discover peanut butter. Also he helped farmers to stop growing cotton. He created more than 500 products from peanuts.

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George Washington Carver

What are George Washington Carver parent last name?

carver dont be dumb everyone knows that

Wrong! They didn't have last names because they were slaves. His father was called Giles and his mother was called Mary. George Washington Carver was just named George. Carver was the last name of the family who owned him. When he was no longer a slave after the 13th Amendment he took Carver as his last name.

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George Washington Carver

What famous African-American was just a few weeks old when he and his mother were kidnapped?

George Washington Carver was born into slavery. When George was only a week old, he, a sister, and his mother were kidnapped. His mother and sister were never seen again--NOTE, no where does it say she was sold into slavery, and in fact, she had already been a slave before the kidnapping! Soon after the kidnapping, George was found and ransomed, and was raised by his mother's former owner, Moses Carver. This occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War (1864 or 1865) when slavery was still practiced in the South. George Washington Carver later distinguished himself as an innovative scientist.

The sad truth about this is that there were many cases of of women with newborns (especially male babies) or children being kidnapped with their mothers in European colonization of Africa and throughout history.

If you are looking for some incident other than George Washington Carver, you will have to be more specific when asking a new question.

NOTE: Some people have INCORRECTLY STATED that Booker T. Washington was this person. This info is completely wrong! Read this answer for more details:Were_Booker_T_Washington_and_his_mother_kidnapped_when_he_was_just_a_few_weeks_old

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George Washington Carver

George Washington
George Washington Carver

What is George Washington Carvers Middle Name?

his middle name is Washington

George Washington
George Washington Carver

Who is George Washington Carver's dad?

mark carver

George Washington Carver

What positive impact did George Washington Carver create?


George Washington Carver

What did George Washington Carver invent?

George Washington Carver is best known for having invented and developed hundreds of new industrial uses for peanuts. George Washington Carver invented 105 recipes for peanuts, including peanut butter, and he found over 100 uses for peanuts, including cosmetics, dyes, paints, plastics, gasoline, and nitroglycerine. He also invented several other uses for sweet potatoes and soybeans.
He developed products made from peanuts so farmers could grow a crop that enriched the soil after it was depleted by growing cotton.

George Washington Carver

When was George Washington Carver born and when did he die?

He was born July 12, 1864 and he died January 5, 1943

George Washington Carver

Did George Washington Carver have any siblings?

He had two sister ,both of whom died in infancy,and an older brother ,Jim Carver

George Washington Carver

What did Dr. George Washington Carver invent?

Peanut Butter.
different stuff out of peanuts and potatos

George Washington Carver

Where was George Washington Carver from?

George washingtin caver was born in Missouri in 1860

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George Washington Carver

How did George Washington become famous?

He helped gain Americans freedom from Britain in the 1750's, and was the first president. Before this, he was the general of the Continental Army. He became popular in the country because of his success in the war. Because of this he was offered to become King of America. He declined but agreed that he would be president, and everyone would have a voice in that country.

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George Washington Carver

Why did George Washington go to school?

Washington, the son of a small planter, grew up in rural VA. He did not go to any formal schools and as a young man was apprenticed as a surveyor. He became a British officer in the French and Indian War and this is where he gained military experience that would serve him well in the revolution. After the war he married Martha Curtis a rich widow with 2 children. After the death of his brother he inherited Mt. Vernon and became a plantation owner.

George Washington Carver

Did George Washington Carver invent soap and if so when?


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George Washington Carver

Where did George Washington Carver name came from?

He was born as a slave, to a man named Moses Carver, he lived with his brother and mother,and when he was a baby a SLAVE thief stole him and his mom, Moses was a nice slave master, he payed a man to take them back, he could only find george, Moses promised the man a price of money and his fastest horse, he wanted the horse because he only found George. George moved many places. One place another man was named George Carver, and George was tired of getting his mail ( the other man's mail) he was only around 10 when this happened, so he decided to give himself a middle name ."How about Washington?" his friends joked. George like that name and put a W. in his name.

George Washington Carver
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When did George Washington Carver die?

George Washington Carver died on January 5, 1943 at the age of 78.


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