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No, he lived in a house in Paris.

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He lived in Paris with his mistress.

He was born in Paris, France, and died there.In Paris, France.He lived in Paris.He lived in Paris.He lived in Paris, which is not a little village.

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paris, france paris, france

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In France the president is suposed to live in 'Elysee' , but Sarkozu choose to live , by his own in Paris in the 16e (Paris is divided in 20 quarters), who is one of the richest;with his wife.

Georges Vanier Secondary School's motto is 'Scholarship, Spirit, Social Responsibility! We believe it! We live it!'.

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I live in Paris is "j'habite à Paris" or "je vis à Paris". Both are correct and used formally and informally.

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London! ... Paris!! (and I live 40 miles from London)

Paris Lives with her 2 brothers and grandparents.

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