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Did Germany occupy countries for natural resources?


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Germany because they live there silly

In and after WW2 Germany was occupied by the USA, Great Britain, France and Russia.

Germany invaded several contries in Europe

all countries in europeapart from iceland, briton and the neutral countries

In war -to the victors go the spoils !!.

Because they wanted to take them over for Germany

The Nazis invaded Norway. They wanted the natural resources located near the coastal town of Narvik. They also wanted to block the natural sea passage at the end of Norway.

thre are no countries that occupy Antarctica

the countries that occupy the medteranian peninsulas

Germany and France. The part of Germany that they occupied was eventually called West Germany, while the Russians occupied East Germany.

It took Germany 24 days to occupy Greece.

No. In the sense that you occupy your own house.

A country's army cannot occupy its own country. Germany took over France, and put in men there. Also, Germany did occupy many countries, and was very successful until the good 'ole U.S. of A. came in (enough of the gloating).

Germany! I presume you mean in WWII. Germany occupied parts of France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Greece, and possibly others I have forgotten.

in 1940 Germany occupied Denmark Holland Luxembourg Belgium France and Poland and were preparing to invade the soviet union

They occupy an Isthmus or a narrow strip of land.

I think you are confused. The Nazis were German. They were from Germany.

Germany never occupied Alaska.

There are 50 countries in Europe.

They remilitarized the rhineland

Actually, 4 countries occupy the horn of Africa. These are Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti.

In 1936 Germany remilitarized the Rhineland. However, this was not an occupation.

The US liberated countries, and occupied West Germany and Japan at the end of the war.

Similar in that they were both a success. The difference was that in the attacks on Malaya, the Japanese were there to occupy, claim and exploit the natural resources.

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