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Yes, Germany does. In the Buon San Valentino comic strips of Hetalia (look them up online), he proposes to Italy on Valentine's Day with a tomato-shaped ring. However, Italy is confused by this behavior and the comics end in ambiguity, as they are left unfinished.

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Q: Did Germany propose to Italy in hetalia?
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Is Germany gay with Italy in hetalia?

No, they're not...

Who are the Axis members in Hetalia?

Japan, Germany, and Italy.

Who is on Germany's side and who is on America's side in Hetalia?

Japan, Northern Italy, and Southern Italy are on Germany's side while France, England, and China are on America's side.

Who are the great eight in hetalia?

China, Russia, America, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan

What is the most popular Hetalia shipping?

Probably Germany and Italy, Spain and Romano, England and France, or England and America

Who is the main character in Hetalia?

Italy .

How do you say Italy in Japanese?


Does Italy die in hetalia?

No. No one dies in Hetalia. They are countries, and everything that happens to the human form of the country (ex.: Italy) is based on a real historical event.

What is Germany's name from Hetalia?

Himaruya gave Germany the name Ludwig.

What were the countries allied with Germany on Axis Powers?

Italy and Japan. :) Just watch Axis Powers Hetalia, you'll surely gain knowlege in WW2 :P

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What is Italy's name on hetalia?

Feliciano Vargas is his human name.