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For a Greek god, no, he was actually quite normal.

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Q: Did Hades have any strange behaviors?
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What is a strange fact about hades?

Hades is married to His own neice, and His brother Zeus is also His Father-in-law.

What is the hallucinogen that can cause strange behaviors?

All hallucinogenic drugs can cause strange behaviors. Psychedelics & other hallucinogens are very widely unpredictable. There's no telling what effects the substance will have on your mind. It would all depend on the environment you're in, your mood, your mindset, expectations, and how mentally stable you are. I myself, are very experienced with psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs. I have never experienced strange behaviors on any other drug besides LSD, which made me energetic and uncontrollably loud.

Did Hades perish in any way?

Who is Hades <.<

Who is hades children?

Hades does not have any children.

Did Hades have any kids?

Hades nor his wife Persephone have any kids. lol

Does Hades have any lovers?

Hades' lover and wife is Persephone.

How do you know if im a son of Hades?

Hades does not have any children.

Did hades have any relationships?

Hades does have a wife, her name is Persephone.

Did Hades have any other spouses?

Hades' only spouse is Persephone.

Did Hades have any powers?

hades can turn invisible with his helm of darkness

Does Hades have any brothers?

Hades has two brothers, Poseidon and Zeus.

Is there anything strange about how they were born hades?

After Hades was born, his father Cronus swallowed him; after Zeus grew up he and Metis tricked his father into spitting up Hades and the rest of Cronus's children by Rhea - Demeter, Hestia, Hera, and Poseidon.

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