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Yes Harold Ran north Do you know how? i do his troops just droped there armer on the side of the road and ran north and made it in 4 days instead of 10 days

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Q: Did Harold run to the north?
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Why did Harold godwinson run north?

Harold Godwinson had to defeat Harold Hardrada's army of Viking invaders at the Battle of Stamford bridge before he could deal with William the Conqueror.

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Why did Harold Godwinson have to o to the north?

to get more tactics

Where was Harold when William invaded?

He was up north me think

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Did Harold godwinson run a country?

Yes, England for less than a year.

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Would England have been better off with Harold Godwinson?

no.because Harold was a powerful earl and he helped edward to run the country.he fought and led all the battles.

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3 reasons why king Harold was in a weak position when the battle of hastings started?

1) Harold had less troops than William 2)Harold and his men had marched non-stop from north to south. hope it helps! :) x

How long did Harold army walk from the north to the south side?

It was roughly 55 miles

What battle was Harold Godwinson forced to march north?

The battle of hastings in October, 1066

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Where did Harold land before the Battle of Hastings?

He landed in the north of England near stamford bridge

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