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Did Harriet Tubman ever go to school?


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June 07, 2011 6:48PM

Harriet Tubman had no education and was illiterate throughout her life. Slave owners did not want their slaves to know how to read or write.


Harriet Tubman didn't get any education except maybe in her later years. If you were a slave you weren't allowed ( by law) to read or write. So she might have when she escaped to freedom but no not as a child..

Although Harriet Tubman was illiterate throughout her life and had no formal education, isn't it ironic that many schools are named after her? She was poor and was showed very little respect by people who were "educated" and she did more, by far, to help black people than most of her contemporaries. But Harriet did get an education from her dad. her dad taught a lot about the wild. Harriet Tubman Didn't get an education because she wasn't aloud to go to school...Slaves weren't aloud to go to school.