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Q: Did Honda make a Civic that doesn't shift through gears but accelerates smoothly?
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Why doesnt your civic go pass 4000 rpm?


Transmission grinding sound when clutch is out on Honda civic 1997?

If the transmission is grinding on a 1997 Honda Civic then the gears are worn down. The transmission will soon need a rebuild so it can operate smoothly.

93 Honda civic ex 1.6 auto. car accelerates and decelerates rpms go up and down.?

idle air control valve

What is the name of the creek in civic park?

no river runs through civic park

Why does a 1989 Honda Civic lx very slowly accelerates?

when i take off from a stop sign it slowly goes, then it picks up speed. and drives normal, with high rpm.

Can a 1999 or 2000 Honda civic Si front bumper fit in a 1998 Honda civic automatic?

No it will not. It can fit, but you will need head lights, fenders, hood, grill, and front bumper from a 1999-2000 Civic. Transmission doesnt matter.

When push lever down to pop open gas cap cover on Honda Civic 2001 it doesnt pop open?

Same problem on my 2005 Honda Civic. Any one has the answer?

What kind of gas does the 2007 civic hybrid take?

unleaded it doesnt hurt to give premium once in a while!

Civic virtue is the idea that people should do what?

Humanists wanted to reinstate the ancient ideal of civic virtue through education.

Why doesnt my 2003 civic blower motor turn on?

Have you checked the fuse and relay? - They are in the engine compartment above the passenger strut.

What is the rattling sound coming from in a 1995 Honda Civic Lx 5 speed when you accelerate power?

When a hub bearing is broken it will create a rattling sound as the wheels spin. The after a car accelerates the louder the hub bearings will sound.

How do i know if my Honda Civic is an 8th generation...?

The 8th generation Honda Civic was introduced in 2005 for the model year 2006 through 2011.

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