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i want know,she had plastic surgery or not......

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โˆ™ 2012-01-30 10:08:46
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Q: Did Hyuna from 4minute do plastic surgery?
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Who is the girl in gangnam style?

Hyuna from 4minute

What is Hyuna from 4minute favorite color?


Is Hyuna in Girls' Generation?

No, HyunA is from 4Minute, another k-pop band.

Is the girl in gangnam style PSY's wife?

Haha no. It's Hyuna from 4minute.

Who are dating 4minute girls?

I love 4minute! I'm still currently obsessed with them. Especially pretty and sexy Jiyoon! ^^ But so far, no one. Maybe Hyuna and Hyunseung? Look it up online, it'll show some pics that are 'evidence' about Hyuna and Hyunseung.

Did hyuna get plastic surgery?

She's had eyelid surgery and a higher nose bridge done. Type in "현아 성형전" in google search bar and click the first few links. They show photos of her before debut.

Did yoona had plastic surgery?

no she did not have plastic surgery

Did mblaq get plastic surgery?

No, they did not get plastic surgery.

Has Christine Baranski had plastic surgery?

No she has not had plastic surgery

Did Shirley Temple have plastic surgery?

No she did not have plastic surgery

How old is Hyuna?

Hyuna (Kim Hyuna) is 25 years old (birthdate: June 6, 1992).

What is Korean Plastic Surgery?

Korean Plastic Surgery refers to plastic surgery that is popular in Korea. It is generally quite extreme surgery, such as eye surgery and whiteness surgery.

What is Hyuna's birthday?

Hyuna was born on June 6, 1992.

When was Hyuna born?

Hyuna was born on June 6, 1992.

Did Avril Lavigne have plastic surgery?

No, she has never had plastic surgery.

Did Bob Costas have plastic surgery?

Yes, he did have plastic surgery.

Who was the inventor of plastic surgery?

James Syme! Scottish invenor.In the Classical Indian civilizations, plastic surgery was used.It was Sushruta who invented plastic surgery. The war in which he did the first plastic surgery is named after him! He did the first plastic surgery in 2000 B.C!

Where can one find information on plastic surgery recovery?

The best person to ask about recovery after plastic surgery is the plastic surgeon carrying out the surgery. They will be the best informed and you will get the most reliable information. Alternatively, there are websites online that can be used such as Info Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Recovery and Smart Plastic Surgery.

What is a good plastic surgery?

Good plastic surgery is surgery where there is no evidence of surgery, and the patient looks natural and beautiful

Is Hyuna a lesbian?

No, Hyuna is Bisexual. Well that's what the rumors say.

Did jordin sparks get plastic surgery?

No! Why do you all think she had a plastic surgery?

Did jorja fox have plastic surgery?

Did Norma Fox have plastic surgery

Has sommore had plastic surgery?

has the comedian Sommore had plastic surgery

Are psy and hyuna from the song gangnam style married?

No, Hyuna is 10 years Psy's junior. Psy is married and has twins with his wife which is NOT Hyuna.

Does smoking marijuana after plastic surgery affect you?

lol plastic surgery... whether you have plastic surgery or not, it still destroys your brain cells and your lungs.