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Yes she must love writing books, she has wrote loads of fantastic childrens books.

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Does Jacqueline Wilson like writing books?

Obviously, why else would she start writing?

What does Jacqueline Wilson like to do when she is not writing books?

Wa Los in Richmond park

What does Jacqueline Wilson like writing about?

anything i see

Does Jacqueline Wilson like writting books?

Of course she does.

Why does nick sharratt illastrate Jacqueline wilsons books?

because he's an illustrate, and jacqueline wilson like his drawings. :)

Why does jacqueline wilson like writing books?

It's like people likening football makeup maths so Thant what she likes you can't realy say why because maybe she just likes it

Does Jacqueline Wilson's daughter like writing?

she does not atually have any daughter

What does Jacqueline Wilson like to do?

Jacqueline Wilson likes to read is she's not reading then she's writing!! ^^In the mornings Jacqueline Wilson like to go for a 50m swim, she also does line dancing for another exercise which she loves!!

What is the popularity of England that like Jacqueline Wilson books?

Most of it. She has sold over 25 million books in england.

What does Jacqueline Wilson's mum look like?

Biddy has brown hair short she has brown eyes and loves Jacqueline Wilson doing her books

What is zora neale hurston hobbies?

she like writing books and also like reading books

Apart from writing what else would Jacqueline Wilson like to do?

Jacqueline Wilson likes to go swimming ,dancing and she also enjoys going to galleries and libraries

Why do people like Jacqueline Wilson?

Because she has good humour and she writes very interesting books.

What age group are Jacqueline Wilson books aimed at?

Like 7-12 year old!!

Why do you enjoy reading Jacqueline Wilson books?

because she interpretates life issues into her books like illness, separation, summer camp etc

Did Michael Morpurgo like writing books?


Does Jeff Kinney like writing books?


What do you like about Stephanie Meyers writing?

What I like about Stephanie Meyer's writing is that she uses very descriptive words in her books.

What did Jacqueline Wilson do after being a journalist?

famouse writer She Writes Childrens and adults books!! I really like them!

Does Jacqueline Wilson like doing adults and children books?

jacquine Wilson likes writting for children

When did jaquline Wilson start writing?

She started of thinking of writing when she was about 12 years old but then she started writing ate fifteen like i told you. so i hope this gives you all your information on when Jacqueline started writing

What year did Jacqueline Wilson start writing?

jacky started writing in the year 1950 she was a little girl and she was the worst in the class the stories were rubbish like now

What does Jim Benton like to do when he is not writing books?

platt her hair

Did Roald Dahl like writing books that were fantasy?

yes he did

What does Jim Benton like to do when he's not writing books?