James Buchanan

Did James Buchanan ever marry?

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no, he is the only US president who did not marry. He was once engaged to Anna Coleman but she broke it off for unknown reasons.

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Did James Buchanan marry after elected?

He was the only president to never marry.

How many times did James Buchanan marry?


Whom did James Buchanan marry?

He never married .

Did James Buchanan ever have kids?

James Buchanan had 1 child named Nick Buchanan

Who is the only American presidentwho didn't marry?

James Buchanan

What is facts about James Buchanan?

he was not married and the only president to not marry.

Was James Buchanan the only president to never marry?

Yes- Buchanan was the only US president who never married.

Did James Buchanan marry Elizabeth Speer Buchanan while in office?

No, Elizabeth Speer Buchanan was James Buchanan Sr.'s Wife, A.K.A. James Gobblar Buchanans Mother-The 15th President. James Buchanan is the only U.S. president that never married-He was once engaged, but his fiance died before they could be married.

Did James Buchanan ever serve as vice president?


What president were a bacholer?

The only U.S. President to never marry was James Buchanan.

Was US President James Buchanan gay?

There have been rumors and speculation that James Buchanan was gay but no proof has ever been found.

Was there ever a president who wasnt married?

Yes; James Buchanan

Was there ever any single presidents?

James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland!

What is president James Buchanan most known for?

he was our best president we ever had

Was there ever a president without a wife?

Yes. His name was James Buchanan.

Which president wasn't married?

James Buchanan didn't marry because his fincee died in the 1830s

Did every US president marry?

No. There was one US president, James Buchanan, who never was married.

Was James Buchanan buried at the James Buchanan Cemetery?

President James Buchanan is buried at Woodward Hill Cemetery in Lancaster, PA . There is a James Buchanan Cemetery near Nashville. TN , which is named after a different James Buchanan.

Picture of James Buchanan?

picture of James Buchanan

Will you ever marry William James Abdon?


Did James Wolfe ever marry?


Did James Shigeta ever marry?

Nothing can be found that suggests James Shigeta ever married.

Is there anything James Buchanan is famous for?

No, James Buchanan sucked

What president was born in log cabin and never married?

The only US President to never marry was James Buchanan.

Where was James Buchanan born?

James Buchanan was born in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

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