James Dean

Did James dean smoke marijuana?

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Yea he did there are photos of it in the Indiana museam vault

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Like a chimney......unfortunately he picked up the habit for the movie James Dean.

A person decides to smoke marijuana when they are offered it, have an opportunity to buy and smoke it, or when they have an urge to smoke marijuana.

The worst thing James Dean used was marijuana, according to Ann Doran, his costar in Rebel Without a Cause, as he would smoke this regularly in her house. He was notorious for chain-smoking and drinking. But he opted to stay away from drugs, since he seemed more interested in motorcycles and cars.

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Yes, he was known to smoke marijuana occasionally.

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Yes He did In High School He Smoke Marijuana to clam down all his stress

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Yes, he was a very peaceful man and smoked marijuana as a hobby and as a release. He was known to smoke marijuana with his high officials and friends.

No, he smoked alot of marijuana

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James Dean never married.

yes he does he does not smoke cigarettes but he does smoke marijuana and drink alcohol

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