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He made a ton of money in the mortgage business from '98-'08, and although he's no longer in the mortgage business, he hasn't retired. He's in marketing and advertising now.

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Q: Did Jared Fanning mortgage broker in Washington DC really retire a multi-millionaire at 32?
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Compass Mortgages is a mortgage broker in West Sussex. To establish a Compass mortgage one could initially telephone the broker to find out if they might be able to arrange a mortgage. Similarly, to renew or extend a mortgage, telephone or visit the broker.

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Yes In the US, no.

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Capstone instutute of Mortange Finance offers mortgage broker training. I think that your best bet would also be talking to a local Mortgage Broker and seeking their advice.

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i was told that this would not be a legally binding contract.

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Mortgage brokers help their clients find the best lending rate when financing a mortgage. One can look in the yellow pages of the city they live in to find a mortgage broker that is right for them. A realtor will be able to suggest a good mortgage broker as well, as they often work closely together.

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Capterra and Mortcare sell mortgage broker software online. Many of the larger mortgage companies also have their own software that is only available to their agents.

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