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Did Jesus need to use the bathroom while he was alive on Earth?

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Of course Jesus went to the bathroom like anyone else (where do you think the last supper went?) He was human and also got thirsty and, if you read The Bible on the part of his crucifixion a woman came forth and offered him water as he was hauling that huge cross on his back to the hill where he would be crucified. Jesus also bled and had every bodily function we as human have.

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Did Saint Paul live at the same time with Jesus?

Yes, but he never met Jesus while he was alive on earth.

Was Paul alive while Jesus was alive?


What books of the Bible were written while Jesus was alive?

No books of the Bible were written at the time Jesus was alive on earth. The old Testament books had already been written, and the New Testament books started to be written within a few years of Jesus' death. All were written by 70AD. Christians regard Jesus as still being alive, although not on earth.

Were there any wars while Jesus was alive?

no there was no wars when jesus was alive because there were no guns or knifes

Were the gospels written while Jesus was alive?

No, the Gospels were written after Jesus died and was resurrected.

Jesus meditated in the depth of the sky while his heart was on earth?

no. Jesus was born on earth as a human like you and me. Jesus did not have a spirit body in heaven wile he was on earth!

What did Jesus do while he was alive?

Jesus came and taught , and healed , and finally saved the world from all sin , while dieing on the cross.

What things happend to Jesus while he was alive?

He was denied and insulted by sinners

Can Earth live without humans?

yes,earth will still be alive because, it was alive when dinosuars was here and they were gone for a while then earth didn't die

Was Jesus the son of God ticklish?

Jesus, while on earth, was human, so it is possible that He was ticklish.

What do you call the years while Jesus was alive?

At a guess I would say The years of enlightement.

What is Jesus's son's name?

Jesus did not have any children while on earth.

Who or what did jesus kill while he was here on earth?

Nothing is recorded of this in the bible.

Were Jesus followers Jewish?

While Jesus was on earth in His ministry most of His followers (99 9/10'%) were Jewish.

Why do we prefer to him as Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is the name and title of the Son of God from the time of his anointing while on earth.

Could jesus sin while on earth?

It is possible for Him to sin at any given time, however, being Jesus, he chooses not to.

Is the earth a boy?

It is a planet. While there is life ON it, it is not alive, and is neither male nor female.

In the new testament what did Jesus accomplish while on Earth?

Jesus achieved what God sent him for , to die for the sins of the world on the cross at Calvary.

What miracles did Mary the mother of Jesus do?

While she was on Earth, her Miracle was Conceiving Our Lord, as a Virgin.

Did Jesus and Muhammad meet?

Jesus and Muhammad lived over 500 years apart and therefore had no terrestrial meeting. However, Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad ascended to Heaven while he was still alive and met with Jesus in Heaven before returning to Earth. This is called the miracle of the mir'aj.

Who ruled Jerusalem when Jesus was alive?

King Herod ruled Jerusalem while Jesus was bornPontius Pilate was the Governor of the Region, both were installed by the Roman Empire.

Did the disciples perform mircles also with Jesus?

Yes, they did some while Jesus was still alive when he sent them out 2 by 2. But after Jesus' ascension, they performed more miracles because they had the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why you like girls?

They let you experience a little piece of Heaven while you are still alive on Earth.

You were American when you went in the bathroom and American when you came out What were you while you were the bathroom?


What are some of the things Jesus did while on Earth?

The two most important things that Jesus did while he was on earth, quite apart from is many miracles and his many sayings, was his death and his resurrection. These two things give mankind hope of sins forgiven and eternal life.