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no, he was a holy manSome opinions about Jesus Using/Not Using Drugs
  • It would be impossible to determine whether or not Jesus did in fact use the cannabis plant, although there is evidence to suggest that oil extracts were used in healing rituals. However, the possibility that the Christ may have used Cannabis is certainly impetus to deem all criminalisations of the plant as spiritual/religious discrimination, anti-Christian and unconstitutional on the basis of religious persecution in breech of the First Amendment.
  • There is no mention in the Bible of Jesus using marijuana.
  • There have been rumors that indeed Jesus was given some type of potion while imprisoned before he was crucified. These are only rumors. The only substances Jesus was offered to ease his pain he refused, until just before his death (Luke 23:36, John 19:30). Jesus needed to suffer to complete that which he set out to do, so taking a "potion" of any sort would have nullified all he worked to obtain.
  • There's no Biblical reason to imagine that he did, nor does it appear that marijuana was known in Palestine in His time.
  • The use of marijuana historically has been used by people of the church as a form of meditation, burned as incence etc. Yes it is a very high possibility that Jesus smoked marajuana. BUT the plant that was used in his time was much less potent than what is used today. The plant has been cultivated over the years to make the effects stronger.
  • The answer is simply no. If the body is the temple of the spirit, which is the literal offspring of God, then to pollute that temple with alcohol, drugs etc. would violate that temple.
  • Why is drinking wine in services not considered polluting the body? Many religions use drugs for ceremonial purposes. However, the evidence that Jesus used marijuana is slim.
  • Jesus never used marijuana. The Bible says he did not, so he did not.
  • No. But the Ethiopian Coptic Church (Christians) used/use it a lot, as did the early Christian sect the Essenes, who were Jews, also used it. So, could this person named Jesus (if he existed) have been exposed to it? Quite possibly.
  • There is no mention of Marijuana anywhere in the scriptures. Whether or not those living in that region (the east coast of the Mediterranian) would have known about marijuana is a matter for debate. Nevertheless, there were other drugs available at the time in that region, and there are scriptural principles that come into play.
  • True, the scriptures do not specifically say,"Thou shalt not use marijuana." However, there are scriptural principles that we can use discernment from to decide what Jesus would have done.
In one instance Jesus, while facing a very painful execution was offered wine laced with a sedative called Myrrh. That is found in Mark chapter 15, verse 23. It reads,"Here they tried to give him wine drugged with myrrh, but he would not take it." If Jesus were ever to use a drug of any kind, we would expect that would be the occasion that he would be most likely to do so, when he was about to experience pain of the most horrific kind. The scripture, however, states that he refused it.The Bible book of 2nd Corinthians was written by an apostle of Jesus, the Apostle Paul. This one had insight as to Jesus thinking. He wrote in 2 Corinthians chapter 7, verse 1,"Therefore, since we have these promises, beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God�s fear." He said that we must cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit. Could we be "cleansing" our "flesh," and at the same time ruining our health with illicit substances, like marijuana? It hardly makes sense.Paul also wrote in Galatians chapter 5, verses 19-21,�Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and they are . . . practice of spiritism, . . . revelries, and things like these. . . . Those who practice such things will not inherit God�s kingdom.� At first glance, there does not appear to be any reference to drugs in this scripture. However, the word here translated "practice of spiritism," is the Greek word "pharmakia"(pronounced far-ma-kee-a). The literal meaning of this Greek word, is �druggery.� It is the word from which we get the word pharmacy. This is not to say that we should go to an extreme, and never use doctor prescibed medications, or never visit the pharmacy for legal medications, afterall, the Gospel writer, and apostle of Jesus, Luke, was a physician.Several other scriptures tell us that Jesus body was uncorrupted. (Acts 2:27, Acts 13:35, Psalms 16:10) Medical research has proven that illicit drugs corrupt the body by ruining our health. So, Jesus uncorrupted body would not have been exposed to such substances.Some today may assert that the fact that Jesus consumed wine, shows that he may have used drugs. Some want to equate wine and other Alcoholic Beverages with drugs. That is a stretch to say the least. The fact is, that the body does not treat alcohol and drugs the same. In moderation, alcohol is consumed, digested by the body. It turns to sugar in the body, and is treated as food. Drugs, such as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, are toxins that the body has no use for.In summary, Jesus, when offered a drug, myrrh, refused it. Jesus body did not see corruption, and the scriptural principles discourage the use of drugs for pleasure, associating it with spiritism.
  • The Bible makes no mention of marijuana at all, so for anyone to assert that Jesus used it, is going way beyond what is written, and frankly, the evidence says otherwise.
  • The Bible does make references to the "new wine" and sacred herbs which some have considered to be a reference to marijuana.
  • Since the Bible never mentions it, I'd assume he didn't. However, I guess it is possible since the gospels don't say everything he did or else, the Bible would be much, much longer.
  • Jesus was no drugee. He, being One with God, knew exactly what calamus was, and He would not have done anything that had the appearance of evil, as He was indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and besides, He was God.
  • If Jesus did utilize marijuana it would show that he condoned the use of marijuana. The Bible has been misproven, though most Christians don't understand that.
  • Jesus and his apostles were reputed to have used a Holy oil for healing and enlightenment. The original Hebrew recipe for this oil, found in Exodus 30:23 contains references to a plant known as "keneh bosem", and a number of researchers have identified this with cannabis
  • No. God (spiritual), Holy Spirit(spiritual), Jesus (physical flesh) - all three didn't use drugs. He's sinless, pure and perfect and holy and drugs are the opposite of what I named.
  • Alcohol is a drug, so the argument that cannabis wouldn't be used because it is a mind altering drug is moot. Jesus drank. There's no reason why cannabis wouldn't be used in a ritualistic sense.
  • In ancient times cannabis was widely cultivated throughout the Middle East. It grows like a weed and provides nourishing seed, which is also a good source of fiber used to make rope.
  • Carl A.P. Ruck, Professor of Classical Studies, at Boston University (a graduate of both Harvard and Yale) writes in The Apples of Apollo: Pagan and Christian Mysteries of the Eucharist, with Clark Heinrich and Blaise Daniel Staples (2000) that the Jesus refers to himself as a "drug man" and provides evidence to back up this statement in the book.
  • The entheogenic origins of Christianity are supported by an ever growing array of evidence and a scholarly body of work (references: John Allegro, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross; Jan Irvin, The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity; John Rush, Failed God;

Jesus did never use drugs because when he was born, he was compleatly sinless and clean. And when he died on the cross, he didn't have to save his sins because God made him perfect.

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