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No. He tried to keep them together.

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Are joe and Katherine Jackson going to divorce?

They are separated, but it is extremely unlikely that they will ever divorce.

What groups has Joe Jackson recorded with?

The groups that Joe Jackson has recorded with are the Joe Jackson Band and Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive. He has also recorded many songs as just Joe Jackson.

Will the Jonas brothers break up?

No. Kevin, Joe and Nick all love what they do very much. If they ever do break up it will be a long time from now. No. Kevin, Joe and Nick all love what they do very much. If they ever do break up it will be a long time from now.

Who is Michael Jackson dad joe Jackson girlfriend?

Joe Jackson does not have any girlfriend.

Did Joe Jackson die?

Shoeless Joe Jackson the baseball player is dead. The singer Joe Jackson is still alive.

Is joe Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

yes joe Jackson is Michael Jackson's father

Who is bobby Joe Jackson?

i am bobby joe Jackson on face book !

Who is joe Jackson?

He is the father of Michael Jackson and the manager of the Jacksons/Jackson 5. There is also a singer named Joe Jackson.

Did Joe Jonas ever break a bone?

As far as I know, no. Kevin broke his hip though.

When was Joe Jackson born?

Joe Jackson was born on August 11, 1954.

When did Joe Jackson die?

Shoeless Joe Jackson died on December 5, 1951. Joe Jackson the singer is still alive as of June 29, 2009.

Is joe Jackson Michael Jackson's stepdad?

Joe Jackson is Michaels biological father.

What did Joe Jackson do to Michael Jackson?

Joe abused him when he was a child. Hitting him, whipping him with his belt. But Joe also did start the Jackson 5. Michael did not have a good relationship with his father

When was Shoeless Joe Jackson born?

Shoeless Joe Jackson was born on July 16, 1888.

How old is Michael father Joe Jackson?

Joe Jackson is 79 years old 79

Does Joe Jackson work?

Joe Jackson is an 80 year old retired senior citizen.

When was Joe S. Jackson born?

Joe S. Jackson was born in 1871-07.

Why do they call Joe Jackson Shoeless Joe Jackson?

Because he doeSnt wear shoes...duuuhh

Did joe Jackson beat his daughters?

No Joe Jackson did not beat his daughters, he left their discipline to their mother. Joe only disciplined his sons!

Did Michael Jackson file for emancipation from his fathr Joe Jackson?

Michael Jackson did not file for emancipation because Joe beat him as a child

Was Michael Jackson abused by his father?

Michael Jackson said his father Joe used to beat him. Joe Jackson has always denied this.

Why did Joe loeffler leave the band Chevelle?

My friend, band break ups always come down to one thing- money. If you really want to know, follow Chevelle's money trail and you will get your answer. As is the case with every single band to ever break up.

Can Joe Jackson moonwalk?

No, Joe can not do the moonwalk or dance.

How much money does Joe Jackson have?

The father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, is worth about $500,000. He does not own the rights to any of his son's music.

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