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He had a brother i think i really don't know that lol

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No. Johannes Kepler was an astronomer and mathematician.

Johannes Kepler Believed that you would SMD.....

The Kepler Space Mission was named after Johannes Kepler. Johannes Kepler was an astronomy. The Kepler Space Mission is a mission to search for a habitable earth like orbiting star.

Johannes Kepler was born on December 27, 1571.

Johannes Kepler gave his contribution on universal gravitation.

Johannes Kepler never gradueted from college

Johannes Kepler formulated (not invented) the laws of planetary motion.

Johannes Kepler discovered that planet orbits were elliptical and not circular.

How did Johannes Kepler influence to the renaisance wolrdview?

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer.

Johannes Kepler was an astronomer.

Barbara and Johannes Kepler were married on April 27, 1597

Johannes Kepler died on November 15, 1630 at the age of 58.

Johannes Kepler was German, so he was white....

Johannes Kepler University of Linz was created in 1966.

No, Johannes Kepler is best known for describing the laws that dictate how orbits work. The Kepler planets were discovered by the Kepler telescope, a spacecraft named in his honor.

Johannes Kepler discovered that the orbits of planets are elliptical.Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler died on November 15, 1630 at the age of 58.

Johannes Kepler is an mathematician an astronomer and an astrologerhe also created keplers lawGood, thanks for asking.-Ol' Johannes

He made the Kepler laws and theories

Katharina Kepler and Heinrich Kepler.

Johannes Kepler didn't invent the Kepler telescope. He made important discoveries about how planets move, and 500 years later, the telescope is named after him.

Heinrich Kepler was the father of famous German astronomer Johannes Kepler