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At the end of his career he mostly did covers, but his early hits like Fulsome Prison Blues, Walk the Line, etc. were original pieces.

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What songs did Glenn Danzig write for Johnny Cash?


Did johnny cash write his music?

johnny cash write some of his songs but not all of them. im not entirely sure but pretty sure. you can ask google.

What songs did Bob Dylan write for Johnny Cash?

Wanted Man

What Genre Of Songs Did Johnny Cash Write?

Country, rockabilly, folk, gospel.

Did Glenn danzig write any songs for johnny cash?

yes Thirteen.

What songs did johnny cash write?

i walked the line folsom prisin ring of fire

What songs did Billy Ray Reynolds pen for Johnny Cash?

It'll Be Her by Johnny Cash

When was The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash created?

The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash was created in 1964.

Did johnny cash write his own music?

Not all of his songs but a lot of them yes. Most of his main 1s he did. A lot of artist collaborated or wrote songs for him.

How was Johnny Cash sound recorded for the Johnny Cash Show?

He recorded his songs in a studio and then he put it in the show.

What did johnny cash contribute to music?

Johnny Cash contributed hundreds of songs and a unique way of singing them.

Which are the darkest and most depressing songs by Johnny Cash?

hurt-jonny cash

Where can you find the words to johnny cash songs?

What are some songs Johnny Cash became famous with?

Over the course of his illustrious career, Johnny Cash has a tremendous number of hit songs. Examples of such songs include "Walk the Line" and "Ring of Fire."

Who wrote the most country songs?

John R. Cash "Johnny Cash" was the person with the most country songs recorded.

What are Johnny Cash's songs about?

Johnny Cash sang about love, sadness, tribulation, and redemption.

Did Johnny Cash write Hurt?


Is Johnny Cash the original artist of Ain't No Grave?


Who influenced johnny cash to write music?

Johnny cash pretty much grew up around music.

How many hit songs did Johnny Cash write?

I am not sure of the exact number but some of his greatest were: "I Walk the Line" "Cry cry cry"

What are the most successful songs of Johnny Cash?

Johnny Cash has released several successful songs, such as Ring of Fire. Alternatively, other famous songs include 'I Walk The Line', and a duet called 'Jackson' with June Carter.

How Many Books did Johnny Cash Write?


Does Johnny Cash have any antiwar songs?

yes...Walk the line

What did johnny cash write?

He wrote a lot of songs, and he wrote a book (man in white), 2 autobiographies (Man in black 1975, and Cash,1997). He also wrote a movie about Jesus I don't remember when.

Who did johnny cash write i walk the line for?

Vivian Liberto