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Did Juan Ponce De Leon bring back some native Americans?

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actually many after he was governor of Florida

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Who Shot Juan Ponce de Leon?

Native Americans shot Juan Ponce de Leon.

What did Juan ponce De Leon do to help people?

he fought the native Americans and found Florida

Did Juan Ponce De Leon do bad things?

Ponce de leon did all these things: · Killed 200 Native Americans.

Did Juan ponce De Leon help people?

No, not neccesarily. Ponce De Leon was nice to his crew, but he mistreated and killed Native Americans who disobeyed him.

What tribe of native Americans did Juan ponce de leon meet?

He met the Calusa tribe who were very unfriendly.

How did Juan ponce De Leon's voyage end?

He was shot by angry native americans and then he died and was buried i am awesome

How was juan ponce de leon being treated on his return to his country?

He never made it back he was wounded by a group of Native Americans.

Where Juan Ponce De Leon exploration ended?

Ponce De Leon sailed back to Florida in 1521, where the native Americans attacked him and his crew. Ponce De Leon was struck by an arrow and severly wounded. After what was left of the crew sailed back to Cuba, Juan Ponce De Leon died of his wounds soon after.

What did Juan Ponce de Leon search for?

He searched for gold, new islands to claim, Native Americans to enslave and the fabled Fountain of youth.

Was Juan Ponce de Leon a nobleman?

Yes, and he was made governor of Puerto Rico. But he was removed from office for brutality to the native Americans on the island.

What effect did Juan Ponce De Leon make on the world?

he claimed land, established a settlement, brought info for maps, and killed the Native Americans.

What first known inhabitants in Florida?

Native Americans. The first european explorers arrived in 1513, led by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de león.

How did Juan Ponce de Leon interact with Native Americans?

I'm pretty sure he didn't. He went in search of the Fountain of Life, and them he might have met the Indians.

When did Juan Ponce de Leon come to Florida?

Juan Ponce de Leon first came to Florida in 1513. In 1521 de Leon later returned to perform a permanent settlement. The Native Americans didn't like that idea so they declared war. Juan Ponce de Leon was injured in the leg forcing him to retreat to the nearby island of Cuba where he died from his injury.

What cause the death of Juan Ponce De Leon?

During an expedition to Florida, he and his men were attacked by Native Americans. He later died from arrow wounds in Havana, Cuba.

How did Juan Ponce de Leon die?

Juan Ponce de Leon died because a Native American shot him with a poison arrow in the thigh it soon became infected and he died

Did Juan Ponce De Leon succeed his mission?

yes because he used the americans

When was Juan García Ponce born?

Juan García Ponce was born in 1932.

When did Juan García Ponce die?

Juan García Ponce died in 2003.

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