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Depending when, did you mean in 1995? that time, it went KABAM!!! and there was like ash flying EVERYWHERE. nobody got hurt...i think.

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How many vents does kilauea volcano have?

a lot

Can planets explode?

Planets can only explode if something hits them with a lot of force.

How much damage did kilauea cause?

it erupts and causes a lot of distruction

How long is the ash cross received on Ash Wednesday to remain on the forehead?

It depends on how much of the ash the people put on you. If a lot, it will last you all day, unless your active in sports. If just a little, it may last you a couple of hours, or just an hour.

What benefits come from mt kilauea?

it gave people a lot of money when it erupted

Should the parks around mount Kilauea be reopened?

no it is much to dangerous it explodes a lot

How much shaking does it take for you soda to explode?

A lot

What country does ash wood come from?

ash comes from the middle of the earth. that is why it's called ash it gets burnt a lot in the core of the earth. if you burn wood you get ash

What does volcanic ash release?

Volcanic ash releases a lot of things, one such thing is Sulfur.

How fires are dangerous?

Fires will burn and explode a lot of items.

Is the ash from a volcano hot?

It probably depends a lot on how far from the source the ash has flown. Close to the source, the ash is probably hot and would sear your lungs were you to breathe it in. If the air the ash is in, is hot, then the ash is going to be hot.

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What w produces a lot of ash when its burned?


On Pokemon how many times does Misty cry over Ash?

Once. But misty likes ash a real lot!

Which girl does ash love the most on Pokemon?

I would have to say it's Dawn. Because Ash and Sawn have a lot in common and Zawn really loves Ash the most, plus they really love each other a lot.

Why did your can of tomato paste explode?

There was either a lot of pressure in the can, or there was a miniature landmine in it...

Does petrol produce a lot of heat?

no, it does not produce a lot of heat because it is highly flammable causing it to burn and explode

What damage did kilauea cause?

Kilauea is Hawaii's youngest volcano and one of the world's most active. Its eruption caused a lot of damage like several persons were killed, power lines were cut off, and properties were destroyed.

How much money was it to repair the damage caused by mt kilauea?

A lot of money. Because of the road caused by the lava flow.

What were the effects of the eruption that took place at Haleakala?

There was a lot of smoke and ash

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Can planet Earth really explode?

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