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Did King James write the King James Bible?

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No but he authorised it.

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Was King James the first person to write the Bible?

King James was not the first person to write the Bible.

What book did King James VI write?

The King James Version of the Bible.King James did not write it, he authorised it to be written, by the scholars of the time.

How many words did Shakespeare utilize in the King James Bible?

William Shakespeare did not write anything in the King James version of the bible.

Did King James 1 write the bible?

One of the King James translated the KJV Hebrew and Greek BIBLE to English so Americans can understand it. I'm not sure which King James did so.

Was King James the man who was commissioned to write the King James Version of the Bible a slave owner?

No, he was the King of England and he 'authorized' the commission to write the version soon to be named after him.

Did King James of England write the bible?

No, the Bible was written thousands of years earlier by the Hebrews.

How do you write a speech on the King James bible?

l dont now

Was King James a king in the Bible?

No, King James was the English king who had the bible translated from latin to english... hence, the King James' version of the bible.

Why did king James wanted to settle the country with his new bible?

king James whanted to settle the country with his bible because whanted his country to read and write in latin ^_^

How many times the word write appears in the bible?

The word "write" is in the King James Version of the Bible 91 times. It is in 82 verses.

What year was the King James Bible created?

king James started writing the bible in 1604 and completed it in 1611!a little more info is that the church actually started to write it with him! =D

When was the King James Bible translated?

the King James bible was translated in 1611

When was the King James Bible adapted?

The King James Bible was adapted in 1611.

Was king James that wrote the Bible a black man?

No, king James was the King of England. It was he who authorized the King James Version of the bible to be written.

How many times is King James mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible was written long before King James. And his version was not originally called the King James Bible.

How did we get the King James Bible?

The 'authorized' King James Bible of 1611 is a translation of the then available texts of the Bible into English. It was commissioned by King James, hence the name.

What is King James known for?

ordered the translation of the Bible known as The King James Bible

Role of King James in Bible?

King James I of England had the Bible translated into English.

Did King James who wrote the Bible own and kill slaves?

He didn't write the whole bible he didn't kill either

Who commisioned the King James Bible?

King James

Who was King James in the Bible?

King James 1st was responsible for ordering the creation of the King James Version of the Bible which was completed in 1611.

What is the connection between King James I and the Bible?

The King James Version of the bible was commisioned by King James of England back in the 1600's.

Why did king James ask to name bible after his name?

King James authorized the Bible to be written.

How many words in King James bible?

The King James Bible was originally published in 1611 under the order of King James of England. There are 783,137 words in this version of the Bible.

Who was King James of the King James Version of the Bible?

He was King James VI of Scotland and I of England