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Did Lewis like clark?

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i hope so

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How was Clark and Lewis different from one another?

Clark did not like water while Lewis loved boats!

Was Lewis and Clark led by sacagawea?

no, Lewis and Clark were not led by Sacajawea. sometimes she acted like a guide but she was just trying to help Lewis and Clark find the best paths. which is leading

What did Lewis and Clark call Sacagawea?

Lewis and Clark called Sacajawea, Janey. Clark decided she looked like a girl he knew and called her Janey.

What was the impact for the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Today, we see Lewis and Clark's impact. It is everywhere, from the farming in Nebraska to the roads in Colorado! Lewis and Clark kept journals, so we have those to tell us what it was like in the days of Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark told what it was really like here, [in the Midwest] so then the east knew what here [the Midwest] was like. That made it possible that people settle here! :)

Is there a Lewis and Clark monument?

Yes there is a Lewis and Clark Monument. Its called Lewis and Clark Monument Park.

Who was in charge of the Lewis and clark expedition?

Meriwether Lewis was in charge and William Clark came as his assistant. But the Lewis And Clark Expedition is still know as The Lewis And Clark Expedition.

What was the expaditon Lewis and clark when on like?

What? What is it you're asking?

How did Lewis and Clark face their challenges?

i like ribs

What transportation did Lewis and Clark take with them?

my answer is i like poo

Is Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr related to Lewis or Clark?

Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr is the grandson of William Clark. His father was William Clark's son Meriwether Lewis Clark, Sr. William Clark had named his son after his friend Meriwether Lewis.

What did Lewis and Clark invent?

Lewis and Clark did not invent anything.

What was the Lewis and clark expidition called?

the lewis and clark expidition :)

How was Lewis and clark expedition path like?

Wow. Bad grammar kills. *Clark. ChaCha on!

Who are Meriwether Lewis and William Clark?

meriwether Lewis & William clark are famos explores . thomas Jefferson made Lewis & clark to explore the unknow territority. that is who meriwether Lewis & William clark.

How do you spell Lewis' name from Lewis and Clark?

Lewis was Captain Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) and Clark was Lt. William Clark (1770-1838).

What was the size of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The Lewis and Clark expedition consisted of 33 individuals. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were the leaders.

What are Lewis and Clarks family name names?

William Clark and Merrlwethir Lewis

Why did Lewis and clark go on an expidition?

Because they felt like it.

What was it like for Lewis and Clark exploring the new territory?


When was Lewis and Clark born?

Lewis was born in 1774 and Clark was in 1770.

Was there disease in Lewis and clark expedition?

There was a disease in the Lewis and Clark expedition

How old Lewis and clark?

Lewis is 237 and clark is 241 as of 2011.

Why did Lewis and clark cross the Bitterroot Mountains?

beacuse its lewis clark(:

When did Lewis and clark expore?

Lewis and Clark expored in Apirl 13,1803.

Who was the captian of the Lewis and clark expedition?

Lewis and Clark are the captains of this expedition

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