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Q: Did Louis Riel oppose the Canadian confederation?
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Was Louis Riel for or against confederation?

he was for confederation.

Was Louis Riel a French Settler?

Louis Riel was a french-canadian métis. He was born in Manitoba.

Who is Louis riel?

A great person in Canadian history.

Who was against the Canadian confederation?

Sir Charles Tupper, Louis Riel, Samuel Leonard Tilley, and James Colledge Pope, to name some.

Why was Louis Riel a villain?

Louis Riel was a hero, not a villain.

What are some accomplishments about Louis riel?

Louis Riel was a Métis leader who led two resistance movements against the Canadian government. He was instrumental in negotiating the terms of Manitoba's entry into Confederation and advocating for Métis rights. Riel is considered a founder of the province of Manitoba and is recognized as a key figure in the history of Canada's Métis people.

What goals did Louis riel set out to achieve?

Louis Riel set out to defend the rights and interests of the Métis people in Western Canada, including their land, culture, and rights. He also sought to create a provisional government to negotiate with the Canadian government and secure recognition for the Métis community. Riel's ultimate goal was to establish a homeland for the Métis within confederation.

Did Louis riel have any accomplishements?

He led all the metis to protest against the government to get there own rights Louis riel is a important Canadian hero.

Why did the Canadian government wait so long to reverse Louis Riel's conviction?

As with all institutions, it took the Canadian government a very long time to recognize Louis Riel had been wrongly convicted.

Why was Louis riel a freedom fighter?

Because he fought against Canadian rule.

What were the names of Louis Riel's parents?

Riel's father was also named Louis Riel. His mother was Julie Lagimodière, whose mother, Marie-Anne (Gaboury) Lagimodière was the first European woman on the Canadian Prairies.

Why was Louis Riel a Rebel?

Louis Riel was a rebel, because he fought for the metis' rights, which meant going against The canadian governement. The government wasn't happy about this, so they called him to court. Riel was declared guilty, and was hung.