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Did Maria from WWE retire?

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Maria did not retire. She was released from her WWE contract. And she is starting a signing career and is starring on Celebrity Apprentice but she was fired

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On February 26 Maria was released from her wwe contract.

No he is still in the wwe

No, that was just a WWE storyline. Maria is soo out of his league;)

No he is working as a trainer for WWE

Maria is of Greek heritage.

he won't.he has said to wwe that he want's to retire

it was cause of john cena that he retired from wwe

No Marty Wright (aka The Boogeyman) did not retire. On March 4, 2009 he was released from his WWE contract.

wwe superstar doplh ziggler

Jeff Hardy did not retire. It was a storyline. Jeff Hardy left WWE to heal from all the injuries that he had sustained while in WWE including a neck injury.

she is dating with Jake orotn he is new at wwe

Yes, but not for a while

Maria and Matt Hardy Arent Dating! It Was A Storyline for wwe! Maria has a boyfriend in real life and Matt Is single

Does Wwe Maria have a boyfriends, if so what's his name?

Yes, maria was released from her contract

Maria is a natural brunette.

Maria had to leave because her contract expired

no she does not she is not married

No he did not. He is returning back to the WWE in April 2011.

because she doesn't like WWE anymore.

ANSWER: the can be in the wwe until a genral maneger or someone like that sais they have to face in a retiremant match if they lose hey retire or they could just deside to retire most of the wwe superstars go to tna after they retirer from the wwe

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Maria because she has had more experience

Maria was released from her WWE contract on February 26, 2010.