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Close. 1590 out of 1600.

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What s the full name of the creator of facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg.

How do you get full marks in a test?

it depends if you studied really well you will get in your test a full mark

What is a high credit score rating?

A high credit score rating means someone is in good standing credit wise. They are prompt in payments and always pay payments in full. A good credit score is sought after by many people, because its a mark of a responsible person.

Who uses a full score?

A Conductor.

MY 1994 Z28 and 1997 3800 Camaros Fuel gauge are stuck past the full mark why?

4th gen camaro gas gauges just suck. they are all like that and there is nothing you can really do to improve the problem. the full tank mark is closer to actually being only a half full. the half mark is actually about a quarter of a tank left.

What is the full form of MARK 1?


How good do your grades have to be to get a full scholarship to college?

You need to have really good grades if you want to get a full scholarship to college based upon your academic standards. You also need to get a good score on your ACT test.

How do you get full mark V in halo?

There is no full mark V armor. Only the helmet. ANSWERwell......there is no such thing as full mark v armor just armor that looks like it -roxas uchiha

How much brake fluid do you add to your 300 m chrysler?

Just enough to reach the full mark.Just enough to reach the full mark.

How do you rebuild a transmission for a 91 ford Lincoln mark vii?

You really need to aquire a full on manual to perform a transmittsion rebuild.

What is mark hoppus full name?

Mark Allan Hoppus

Where do you fill the coolant bottle to the full cool or the full hot mark on a 2001 Ford Mustang no manual?

If the motor is cold fill to the full cool mark if the motor is hot fill to the hot mark!

What is Mark Todd's full name?

Sir Mark James Todd

Who uses a full score in an orchestra?

the conductor

What is the full house worth of yahtzee?

If you score a full house in the Full House slot it's worth 25 points. If you score it in 3 of a Kind it's worth whatever all the dice add up to.

Do you use a full stop after a question mark?

No, you do not. A question mark or exclamation point replaces a full stop. ********************************* The answer above is correct. An exclamation or question mark replaces the full stop and signals the end of the sentence! ********************************* I respectfully point out that is does matter...the question mark and the exclamation mark come first, followed by the full stop. For example, the following words with punctuation are presented in this way..."What child is this?". Without the full stop you would be not aware that the sentence was concluded.

Do you need a full stop after a question mark?

No, you only need a question mark.

What is Undertakers first name?

Mark, his full name is, Mark William Calaway.

What sat score is required for university of Michigan business school?

For full-time business students, it is a score of 1332.

If you play full forward in footy what do you do?

try to score goals

Why do you use a full score?

Full scores allow composers, conductors, and musicians to see all of the parts

What is the full form of TM?

Trade Mark

Why did Eduardo Saverin sue Mark Zuckerberg?

According to the book, Accidental Billionaires, and the movie, The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg was the one with the original idea and abilities to create Facebook. However, Zuckerberg needed funds to start off this social online experiment. Therefore his best friend at the time, Eduardo Saverin, provided the monetary funds to get Facebook started and to maintain it. He is also named CFO or the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Zuckerberg ends up dropping out of Harvard to focus on creating Facebook and moves off to California. Eduardo, still the CFO of the company, decides to stay in school and interns in NYC. While Eduardo is far away, Zuckerberg begins to befriend the creator of Napster, Sean Parker. This friendship has a great effect on Zuckerberg and results in his alienation from Eduardo. Months later when Facebook gets 1 million users, Eduardo visits California to see how Facebook is doing and to go to the 1 million members Celebration Party. Upon arrival he realizes that there is no party, but a plethora of contracts to sign. They state that Eduardo's shares have dropped from around 30% to a mere .5%. He also realizes that his name has also been removed from the names of the creators on the actual Facebook site. Feeling infuriated and betrayed, Eduardo decides to sue Zuckerberg for unfairly decreasing his shares of the company and for taking full credit for the creation of Facebook.

What is the highest score ever in a full NBA game?

168 to 182

How can you get full scholarship?

Score high on the ACT. 30 or above should do it.