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yes, she is an amazing writer!LOL

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Did Julie Andrews ever win an Academy Award?

Yes. She won Best Actress for Mary Poppins (1964).

Did the novel The Secret Garden ever win an award?

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No, Kai Wong has never won an Oscar award.

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No actor has ever won an Academy Award for a television performance.

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Emmy Award Password won the first-ever Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show in 1974.

Has AJ Burnett ever won a Cy Young award?

No. AJ Burnett has not won a Cy Young Award.

Has Kristen Stewart ever won an award?

so far she has never got an award,but she might get one somday.

Was Jason Derulo ever nominated for a Grammy Award?

As of 2014, Jason Derulo has not been nominated for a Grammy award.

Did Jim Brown ever win the NFL MVP award?

When did Jim Brown win an NFL MVP award

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