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His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.


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Michael Jackson has a son named Prince Michael Jackson II. It is widely reported that the child's nickname is blanket.

Prince Jackson is Michael Jackson's son. Prince Jackson often refers to Michael Jackson's first born son, however his youngest son is also named Prince but is referred to as Blanket.

No, he has two, Prince and Blanket.

yes Micheal Jackson son

Yes. Blanket Jackson is Michael's biological son. All three shildren are.

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. I (Prince) Is his son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr II (Blanket) is his 3rd Kid and his son also. The child between them is Paris Katherine Michael Joseph Jackson

"Blanket" is the nickname for singer Michael Jackson's second son, Prince Michael Jackson II. It was explained in the following manner, by the King of Pop himself, in his own words. "It's an expression I use with my family and my employees. I say, 'You should blanket me or you should blanket her', meaning like a blanket is a blessing. It's a way of showing love and caring."

He had his first son, Prince Michael the First in February of 1997 and his second son, Prince Michael the Second (better known as Blanket), in February of 2002.

Michael Jackson has two sons actually. Michael Jackson's oldest son is 13 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I. His second son is 8 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II also known as Blanket.

Well Michael Jackson has 2 sons: Prince Michael Jackson I (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) Age 12 Prince Michael Jackson II (but better known as "Blanket") Age 7

Michael Jackson's oldest son, "Prince" Michael Jackson I (Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.) is 20 years old (birthdate February 13, 1997).His half-brother, who is actually named Prince Michael Jackson II, was born February 21, 2002 and goes by the name "Bigi" (formerly Blanket).

Michael Jackson's son Prince Michael Jackson I is 17years old. His daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is 16 years old. His son Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as "Blanket," is 12 years old.

No, his will clearly states Prince, Paris and Blanket are the children he had there are no others living or deceased, Omer was just a friend.

Prince Michael Jackson is the full name of one of Michael's sons. His daughter is named Paris Michael Jackson, she has been in one children's movie. His younget son is named Prince Michael Jackson the second (knicknamed blanket). Prince is not a title it is his son's first name. There is also an adult man who is named Omer Bhatti who may be Michael's son. Omar looks similar to some of Michael's nephews.

AnswerMichael Jackson's two sons are not both named "Prince." His first son is named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr and is commonly called "Prince" as a nickname.His second son, and third child is named Prince Michael Jackson II and has the nickname "Blanket."This arrangement is potentially confusing but is not a case of both sons being given the same name.Answer"Prince" is Katherine Jackson's (Michael's mother) father name. So Michael effectively named his sons after his Grandfather. SOURCE Wikipedia

He did that because he didn't want his kids identity to be expossed

It was his youngest son Prince Michael II, aka blanket.

Prince Michael Jackson is his son with ex wife Debbie Rowe. Paris Katherine Jackson is his daughter with ex wife Debbie Rowe. Prince Michael Jackson II "Blanket" is his son with an unnamed surrogate mother. Their grandmother Katherine Jackson is now their legal guardian.

no, Michael Jackson is not the oldest son.

His Youngest Child Is Prince Michael Jackson II (AKA ''Blanket'' Jackson) Who Was Born On February 21st 2002.

The older "Prince" is actually Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, for some reason he goes by "Prince" Michael, unless Michael legally changed his name. "Blanket' is the only one with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson on his birth certificate, and Michael Jr. has "Prince" as just a nickname.

No Michael Jackson had 2 sons: Prince Michael I - 12 yrs old and Prince Michael II (known as Blanket) 7 yrs old and one daughter Paris Katherine Jackson 11 yrs old

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. They were named Prince after Michael's grandfather (Katherine Jackson's father).

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