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Yes Prince Jackson and blanket

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No he has two sons and one daughter

Prince Michael Jackson is One of Michael's Sons

Michael Jackson had 3 kids two boys and one girl His sons names were Prince Michael and Prince Michael II His daughters name is Paris Jackson.

prince Michael Jackson the 1st

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

Well Michael Jackson has 2 sons: Prince Michael Jackson I (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) Age 12 Prince Michael Jackson II (but better known as "Blanket") Age 7

Michael Jackson had 2 sons, one named Prince Michael and the other named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and one daughter named Paris Michael Katherine.

Michael Jackson has two sons actually. Michael Jackson's oldest son is 13 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I. His second son is 8 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II also known as Blanket.

Michael Jackson - Randy Jackson - Tito Jackson - Marlon Jackson - Jermaine Jackson and Jackie Jackson.

AnswerMichael Jackson's two sons are not both named "Prince." His first son is named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr and is commonly called "Prince" as a nickname.His second son, and third child is named Prince Michael Jackson II and has the nickname "Blanket."This arrangement is potentially confusing but is not a case of both sons being given the same name.Answer"Prince" is Katherine Jackson's (Michael's mother) father name. So Michael effectively named his sons after his Grandfather. SOURCE Wikipedia

No he had two sons (Prince and Prince II) and one daughter (Paris).

Prince Michael Jackson Jr doesn't have a girlfriend.

No Michael Jackson and Andrew Jackson are two different people.Michael Jackson is a singer and Andrew Jackson is the 7Th president

Yes, They did have children. Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson had two children together. Prince Michael Jackson & Paris Jackson.

Michael Jordan has two sons, Blanket and Prince. He also has a daughter named Paris.

No Michael Jackson had 2 sons: Prince Michael I - 12 yrs old and Prince Michael II (known as Blanket) 7 yrs old and one daughter Paris Katherine Jackson 11 yrs old

No. Neither of his sons (or his daughter) is named Omer.

Because the seven sons of gods blessed Michael Jackson.

Jackson five wer the band made by Michael jacksons father wich consists of all five of his sons and Michael as the lead singer and check the rest on wikipedia

no.prince is not relatd to Michael Jackson the singer "prince" is not related to Michael but Michael does have two boys named Prince!

Although various claims have been made, there are only two acknowledged sons of Michael Jackson: 1) Michael Jackson Jr. - known as Prince Jackson (born February 13, 1997) 2) Prince Michael Jackson II - known as "Bigi" and formerly "Blanket" (born February 21, 2002) The two are half-brothers, as the older son has the same mother as his sister Paris (born 1988). Michael Jackson was thought to be the father of Jackson-lookalike Brandon "B" Howard (born 1981) and of Norwegian rap singer Omer Bhatti (born 1984), whose family was employed by Jackson.

yes, he has a girl called Paris Jackson and two boys called Prince Michael and Prince Michael II

Yes, Brandon (Marlon's twin) died at birth and Michael.

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