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Yes, Mother Teresa suffered from recurring bouts of malaria fro much of her life.

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Q: Did Mother Teresa have malaria
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What was the disease that Mother Teresa was diagnosed with?

In her later years Mother Teresa suffered from heart problems, pneumonia and malaria.

What was Mother Teresa ill with?

Mother Teresa suffered with recurring bouts of malaria as well as cardiac problems which eventually led to her death.

Did Mother Teresa have leprosy?

Mother Teresa did not have leprosy. However, she did contract tuberculosis as well as malaria while working in India.

What were the diseases that Mother Teresa faced?

hearts attacks , malaria, pneumonia etc.

What contagious diseases did Mother Teresa deal with?

Mother Teresa worked with people suffering from AIDS/HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria and a number of other disorders.

What were Mother Teresa's health problems?

Over the years Mother Teresa suffered from tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, a broken collar bone and heart problems which ultimately was her cause of death.

What diseases did Mother Teresa have in her lifetime?

She had serious heart problems, pneumonia and malaria as well as other ailments.

What were some of Mother Teresa's health problems?

Mother Teresa was always frail of health, even as a child. She suffered from heart problems and had periodic bouts of malaria. In her younger years she also contracted tuberculosis.

How did Mother Teresa suffer?

Mother Teresa suffered from recurring bouts with malaria that eventually led to heart and lung damage which were responsible for three heart attacks, the third one causing her death in 1997.

How old was Mother Teresa's mother when she had Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa mother was 35 when she had mother teresa.

What went on with Mother Teresa's health?

She had malaria and TB (not quite shore about TB) and died of a heart attack and a stroke simultaneously.

What kind of sickness did Mother Teresa have?

Mother Teresa suffered from a number of health problems throughout her life. She had tuberculosis in her early years in India and suffered periodic bouts with malaria and heart problems which eventually took her life.

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