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Did Mozart have a mother?


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Everyone has a mother, including musical prodigies.

Mozart's mother was Anna Maria Walburga Mozart. She had seven children, but only the composer Mozart and his sister, affectionately known as Nannerl, survived past infant-hood. It appears Mozart had a good relationship with his mother, whom he referred to as loving and friendly to all.

Mozart's career was very much driven by his father, and his mother was not a strong woman. When his father was too ill to travel and arrange his career and finances, Mozart's mother travelled with him, and this is when Mozart frittered away much of his money, making poor financial and personal choices. There is evidence to suggest that Mozart's obsession with his own interests caused him to overlook his mother's own illness, and his neglect led to her death.


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was in Paris, France, with his mother and sister, Nannerl, when his mother died.

Leopold Mozart was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father and Beth Amlile Mozart was Wolfgang's MOTHER

Anna Maria Mozart is Wolfgang's mother.

Maria Anna Mozart is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother.

Mozart taught himself but had a little help from mother and father

Maria Anna Mozart.

Mozart's mother was Anna Maria Pertl Mozart.

Anna Maria Pertl and leopold MozartMozart's father was Leopold Mozart, and his mother was Anna Maria Mozart (née Pertl).His dad's name was Leopold Mozart. His mother's name was Anna Maria Mozart.

yes! she said no so Mozart went to Paris with his mother and when he returned Aloysia was remarried

Anna MariaAnna Maria Mozart.

Beethoven had great respect for Mozart, who was (very briefly) his teacher. Beethoven had just one lesson in composition with Mozart before he had to return to his ailing mother. After that, he was tutored by Haydn, with whom he did not have the same rapport as Mozart.

Beethoven had just one lesson in composition with Mozart before he had to return to his ailing mother. After that, he was tutored by Haydn, with whom he did not have the same rapport as Mozart. It is known that he greatly admired Mozart and would have liked to continue under his tutelage.

Salzburg Austria was his birthplace he had a German father and Austrian mother.

Mozart gave Beethoven just one lesson in composition before Beethoven had to return to his ailing mother in Bonn.

Her name was Anna Maria Walburga Mozart (nee Pertl).

He did, but sadly in the last months of Mozarts life they did not get along to well because Mozart was to focused on his "REQUIEM MASS " and Mozart did not help with his wife with his baby. Also Mozart was drinking beer constantly. His Mother in law sent Constanze Weber to the spa but Mozart notied one night and wrote her a letter saying "please come back Stanze {Mozart used to call his wife Stanze} please come back " Constanze agreed to go back but by the time she came Mozart was dead. He was 35 years old.

Yes, manyHere a few titles:1994 Mozart1991 Following Mozart1987 Mozart1985 Forget Mozart1984 Amadeus1984 The Three of Us1975 Mozart in Love1967 The Life of Mozart1954 Unsterblicher Mozart

Mozart's parents were very supportive of him. Mozart's father (Leopold Mozart), was one of his only teachers, and Mozart's mother (Anna Maria Mozart), went on tour with him 3 or more times.

it was wholfgang mozart

Leopold Mozart was the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the greater Mozart.

Mozart was surname of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Yes, Beethoven was alive during Mozart's lifetime. Beethoven was 20 when Mozart died. Beethoven had visited Mozart in Vienna and played him some of his compositions. Mozart recognised that he had talent and decided that he would like to teach Beethoven. Before their lessons could begin, Beethoven's mother fell ill and he had to return to Bonn to tend to her. Before he could return to Vienna to have his lessons, Mozart had died. Further information In 1787 (at the age of sixteen), Beethoven visited Vienna where he met Mozart for the first time. Here, Mozart actually gave Beethoven his first lesson in composition before Beethoven was called back to Bonn with the news of his dying mother. Beethoven's admiration of Mozart, and this first lesson in composition, is why music from the "first period" of Beethoven's composing reflects Mozart's style.

yesConstanze Mozart

No. The composer Mozart was Austrian.

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