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Yes! They had lots and lots of indentured servants.

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What role did indentured servants play in the New Hampshire colony?

Indentured servants usually did household works in New Hampshire.

Did New Hampshire have slaves or indentured servants?


Did colonial New Hampshire have indentured servants?

Sadly yes they did.

Was there ever any slavery in New Hampshire?

yes there were mariners, indentured servants, and slaves in New Hampshire

Were there any slaves or indentured servants in the New Hampshire colony?

Yes both practices existed in New Hampshire.

How did indentured servants arrive in the new world?

how did indentured servants come to the new world

Did Colonial New York have indentured servants?

New York had indentured servants and slaves.

Did new England have slave labor or indentured servants?

new England had indentured servants

Were there indentured servants in colonial new jersey?

no there was no slavery or indentured servants in NJ.

What are synonyms of indentured servants?

a synonym for Indentured Servants

Where there a alot of indentured servants or slaves in the colony of New York?

There never were slaves in NY, but there were indentured servants at first. Later, they faded out.

Did Jamestown use slaves or indentured servants?

They used indentured servants.

What did indentured servants receive for their work?

Indentured servants receive FREEDOM

Did Rhode Island have indentured servants?

They did have indentured servants in Rhode Island. They would serve for 2-7 years, and then they would get a free piece of land. Indentured servants came to the colonies when they wanted to get away from their old life and get a new one.

What were the main differences with the indentured servants and africans?

What were the main differences with the indentured servants and africans?

Why were indentured servants preferred over slaves?

indentured servants were cheaper then the african slaves

Did Georgia have slaves and indentured servants?

Yes. Georgia had both slaves and indentured servants.

Blacks and whites were used as indentured servants in the colonies?

Whites were used as inderntured servants though blacks were mostly slaves.

Were there indentured Servants in colonial New York?

Yes as well as slaves.

What was the first source of labor in the New World?

Indentured servants, and then slaves.

How many indentured servants did colonial New York have?

he had 50 dumbas

Which colony has few slaves but many indentured servants?

new england

Why did people agree to become Indentured Servants?

So they can come to the New World, because they didn't have many opportunities in Europe. So they became Indentured Servants to tag along on the journey to the New World.

Where did indentured servants live?

depends where they were sent to, there were more indentured servants in the north versus the south

Why did indentured servants need their master's permission to marry?

The indentured servants were bought by their masters. The master saw them not as people, but as animals. The indentured servants could not do much without the permission of there masters.