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Q: Did Nick Jonas ever appear on a show on ABC family?
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Have Nick Jonas ever met you in person?

I've met Nick Jonas. - Emilee

Has Nick Jonas ever cryed?

yes. everyone cries. even nick jonas.

Did Nick Jonas ever faint on the stage?

Nick Jonas has never fainted onstage

Has Nick Jonas ever broken a bone?

Nick Jonas has in fact broken his leg

Did Nick Jonas ever faint?


Had Nick Jonas ever done it wiht someone?

"It" as in sex? No, Nick Jonas is a virgin. He wears a purity ring to promise to himself, his family, and to god that he will not have sex until he is married.

Did joe Jonas ever save nick Jonas life?


Is Nick your favorite Jonas?

Yes, Nick is the cutest ever!!!!

Has demi lovato ever dated nick Jonas?

No, she dated Joe Jonas but never Nick.

Did Nick Jonas ever drink beer?


Has Nick Jonas ever dated a blond?


Will you ever marryv Nick Jonas?

Yes I will!

Will Nick Jonas ever sleep with a fan?


Has Nick Jonas ever puked on stage?

no one of the Jonas brothers have

Nick Jonas's favorite song ever?

Nick Jonas's favorite song is A Little Bit Longer.

Is Nick Jonas sweet?

Yea nick Jonas is the sweetest guy u will ever know he loves his fans

Does Nick Jonas have feelings?

Nick Jonas does have feelings, haven't you ever been to a concert or seen him cry on TV?

Has Nick Jonas ever gotten sick at a concert?

nick Jonas has not gotten sick but he has fallen once or twice

Will miley cyrisc ever date Joe Joans?

No she has never dated Joe Jonas. But she has dated Nick Jonas! dated nick jonas

Has Nick Jonas ever been to Montana?

I bet he has!!!!

Did Nick Jonas ever get arrested?

Three times.

Did Nick Jonas ever when out with a latina girl?

yes he did .

Has Nick Jonas ever been shot?

Apparently not.

Who Nick Jonas ever date Selena Gomez?

he is

Did Nick Jonas ever had surgery?

No!He's 15!