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NO NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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When was Bottoms Up - Nickelback song - created?

Bottoms Up - Nickelback song - was created on 2011-09-26.

How did Nickelback come up with their name?

Nickelback got their name from Mike Kroeger , because of his past job in StarBucks , he always said here's your nickelback when he was giving change .

Who sings woke up this morning?


Where did Nickelback grow up?

Hanna Alberta Canada

Did Nickelback break up?

No, they are still touring as well.

What is the song you raise you up?

the song i raise up is nickelback gotta be somebody

Did cheryl split up with Ashley or did he split up with her?

in the end she split up wiv him!

Is nickelback austalian?

Nickelback is Canadian

Why did ACDC split up?

They did not split up.

Who does Avril Lavigne date?

She used to be married to Deryck Whibley, but they split in 2009 and is now married to Chad Kroeger, lead singer in Nickelback.

When was silver side up by Nickelback released?

September 11, 2001.

What album is How You Remind Me by Nickelback on?

How you remind me is on the Silver Side Up album

Where can a person buy the Silver Side Up album by Nickelback?

The Silver Side Up album by Nickelback is available both as a disc or as a digital download from Amazon. iTunes also has the album available for download.

What year was did mcfly and busted split up?

Mcfly has not split up yet. Busted split up in 2005.

How do you use split up in a sentence?

Ex: we split up last week Ex: the vegetables have to be split up

How old is Nickelback?

The band Nickelback was formed in 1995.

Is nickelback Australian?

Nickelback isn't Australian, they are Canadian.

Is Nickelback considered a gang?

The band Nickelback is not a gang.

How old are the Band members in Nickelback?

it is nickelback mom.

Who split up the colonies?

the british split up the colonies.

When did the rolling stones split up?

They didn't split up!

When did acdc split up?

AC/DC have not split up.....

Is mark Owen split up his wife?

no they are not split up.

When did archaea and bacteria split up split up?

Archaea and Bacteria split up right after having an argument about cheese. :)

How long is a Nickelback concert?

Nickelback plays for about 2 hours.