Did Renoir paint more than one of any work?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Did Renoir paint more than one of any work?
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What date did Renoir work?

Renoir lived 1841 - 1919. He painted from his early teens.

What country did renoir work in?

In France.

Does the lg renoir have predictive text?

Yes but it is more fiddly to use than the Viewty, yet to work out how to cycle through possible options easily when not in full keyboard mode

How many years of work did Renoir do?

70 years.

What country did Pierre-Auguste Renoir work in?

In France.

Where did Renoir work?

In France. First in Paris and surroundings, later on the Riviera.

What did people think of Pierre auguste renoir's work?

Many loved it.

Fix my sentences The paint bucket is nearly empty comma but you will buy more of it on your way to work?

The paint bucket is nearly empty, so will you buy more on your way to work?

Who are the sons of Pierre Auguste Renoir?

His father was a tailor, his mother did not work outside their home

What is Little Irene by Renoir worth?

There is no way of assessing the value of a work of art until it is up for sale. No similar work by Renoir has been sold lately. The most expensive Renoir painting ever cost $78 million.

Where did Pierre Auguste Renoir work?

Mainly in Paris and some villages along the Seine.

Was Renoir a 100 percent Impressionism painter or more classical?

Most of his work was impressionistic, but after a visit to Rome he took inspiration from Raphael and his figures became a little bit more classical during a period.