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No - but he was a radio sportscaster. He lettered in college football at tiny Eureka College but was not a star player.

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Q: Did Ronald Reagan work as a professional football player?
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Was President Ronald Reagan a football player?

Yes, when Reagan attended Eureka College, he played sports including football.

Was Ronald Reagan a good football player?

Good enough to be a star at a small college. He probably would have done well at a larger university, but wasn't professional material.

What president was known as the Gipper for this portrayal Notre dame football player George gipp?

Ronald Reagan

What former President played The Gimp?

Ronald Reagan was a professional movie actor and played many parts, possibly the one you are asking about. He surely played the Gipper, legendary football player.

Who is more physically fit a professional ballet dancer or a professional football player?

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What was Ronald Reagan known to many as?

King Ron. "The Gipper", from a movie in which he played a dying football player, George Gip. "Win one for the Gipper!" is the famous quote.

What is a NFL player?

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What president played college football?

Gerald Ford was a stand-out player at The University of Michigan. Ronald Reagan was a starter and had a partial football scholarship at Eureka College. Richard Nixon was a second-stringer at Whittier College.

How did Ronald Reagan come by the name of Gipper?

He got the nickname from playing the role of George Gipp, Notre Dame football player , in a movie, Knute Rockne -All American.

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