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Did Sasuke ever die?

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No, not yet.

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Does itchi ever die from Sasuke?

yes,sasuke kills itachi

Does itachi ever die?

Yes,Itachi does die sasuke kills him

Does Sasuke die?

Sasuke does not die. He right now, currently, 2012 March chasing after the "revived" Itachi, and they are working together to fight Kabuto. Sasuke 4 ever. <3

Does Sasuke ever die on Naruto Shippuden?

No. Not according to what was revealed.

Do Sakura Naruto Sasuke ever die in Naruto?

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke haven't died yet in the anime Naruto.

What do you think will Sasuke die or the world die or Naruto and Sasuke die in Naruto?

most probably sasuke <---- its just an opinion though

Does Sakura ever stop liking Sasuke for Naruto?

No. She always loves Sasuke 4 ever

Does orochimaru ever die in Naruto?

Yes sasuke kills him after he try to inhabit sasukai's body.

Does Madara ever fight Sasuke?

No, Madara does not fight Sasuke.

How does Sasuke kill Tobi?

Sasuke does not ever kill tobi.

Does Sasuke ever like a girl?

no but there are girls who like sasuke!

How does Sasuke die?

sasuke is not dead yet

Does Sasuke die in the Shippuden episodes?

No, Sasuke is still alive and he doesn't die.

Would you rather see Sasuke live or die?

Die. Sasuke is a loser

How did Sasuke die?

he will not die

Did Sasuke and sakura ever kiss?

No but Sasuke did kiss Naruto by accident!

Which episode does Sasuke die?

Sasuke has not died yet.

Does Sasuke die in Shippuden?

I don't think sasuke will die. But you will have to wait until they actually battle sasuke might die if sakura helps naruto defeat him

Does Sakura Naruto and Sasuke die?

Sakura and Naruto won't die, but Sasuke might.

Does Gaara die while fighting Sasuke?

Gaara does not die while fighting Sasuke.

Did Sasuke ever fight itachi?

Yes Sasuke fighting Itachi, Sasuke won and sadly Sasuke was told the truth about Itachi Uchihia.

Should Sasuke stay or leave?

i dont now really but sasuke want him to die i dont now really but sasuke want him to die

Q Is Sasuke ever have feelings for Karan?

no sasuke rather sees her as a slave

Who does Sasuke kiss?

The only one Sasuke ever kissed was Naruto, but it was accidental.

Does Saske die?

no sasuke does not die