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No Selena Gomez and drew steely where girlfriend and boyfriend in another cinderela story

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Selena Gomez's boyfriend is Justin Drew Beiber

nope Selena dating nick Jonas (but yeah Selena Gomez and drew seely so have to go out)

Selena Gomez is 16 and Drew Seeley is 26.

Selena Gomez was born July 22, 1992. Andrew "Drew" Seeley was born April 30, 1982.

They dated for a short period of time.ok But Selena & Drew are no longer dating.ok

drew seeley likes to were jeans and a blue t-shirt i like drew seeley and Selena Gomez, i want drew seeley to Mary Selena Gomez, it will be a nice thing

right now selena is 19 but i dont know how old is drew seeley

Selena did kiss Drew Seeley, in Another Cinderella Story ; original movie.

the band selena gomez and the scene includes selena gomez (the mane singer), greg garman, joey clement, dane forrest, and drew taubenfeld

Selena Gomez has dated Nick Jonas, Drew Seeley, David Henrie, and Taylor Lautner !

Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley sing New Classic together

drew seely is in love with selena gomez because he wants to make justin bieber mad and they make a good cuple to but justin beiber is not her type

Yes, Selena Gomez can dance. In the movie, Another Cinderella Story, she dances very well with Drew Seley.

we filmed in Vancouver, Canada. It was so cold! ♥, Selena Gomez & Drew Seeley!

Drew Steely is from Toronto, Canada.

no bet not she always stilling somebody

the real Selena Gomez drew seeley girl friend name is Amy

Absolutely Ya! they're a good friend

Of course Selena Gomez calls Justin Drew Bieber baby most of the couples call each other baby

Yes he will be ,and he falls in love with Selena Gomez!

yes in there movie another Cinderella story

No that was not a Tattoo she just drew that on her when she dated justin

the film is called another Cinderella story .....its great..:]