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Susan B. Anthony never went to jail

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She voted for a president when only men were aloud to vote.

Susan b Anthony was home schooled

susan b anthony was home schooled

Because she voted for a president when only men were allowed to vote.

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Susan B Anthony went to jail because she voted and at that time women were not allowed to vote.

Susan did not go to collage.

go on Google Home click Google Images and type Susan B. Anthony go on Google Home click Google Images and type Susan B. Anthony

why was susan b Anthony important

In Susan B. Anthony B stands for Brownell. :)

Susan B. Anthony was home taught by her teacher. Susan b. Anthony also was home taught for High School by the same teacher from when was in Eementary.Susan B. Anthony was born February 15,1820 in Adams Massachusetts then Susan B. Anthony died March, 13 1906. Susan B. Anthony was the 7th child her mothe had and Susan B. Anthony was not maried and had no kids.

No Susan B. Anthony didn't have children. She was married.

Susan B Anthony didn't have a husband.

did Susan B. Anthony have siblings

Susan B. Anthony never married anyone.

Susan B. Anthony was arrested in 1872 for voting in Albany.

The Susan B Anthony dollar was first struck in 1979.

Susan B. Anthony was not poor but she was not rich either.

Susan B. Anthony List was created in 1993.

no susan b anthony wasnt a indian desent

Susan B Anthony was alive in 1820 t0 1906

Susan b Anthony voted illegally in 1872.

Susan B. Anthony House was created in 1866.

Susan B. Anthony dollar was created in 1979.

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