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Did The Beatles have a game?


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Beatles Rock Band.


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No, The Beatles Rockband is not free. I have the game and the actual game is 60$, but The Limited Edition is 250$.

You can get the Beatles rock band at game stop.

The Beatles were made up of several people and therefore your question makes no sense.

Yes, The game comes with it if you buy the bundle or you can buy the game alone.

No!Only the Beatles have their own Wii game.

Only packs that are designated for use with Beatles Rock Band can be used in that game. These are track packs of Beatles songs. It is the same with Green Day Rock Band, only Green Day track packs can be used with that game.

It was released on September 9, 2009.The Beatles: Rock Band is scheduled to be released on 9/9/09.........an obvious reference to the song "Revolution 9" by The Beatles. The game has a website in which you can sign up to receive updates about the upcoming game at http://www.thebeatlesrockband.com/

no as of right now there is not it is only out for the xbox360, the ps3, and the wii

The Beatles are on rock band and the game came out in September 9,2009 (9.9.09.) For the limited edition its coming out 10.27.09 i think

you win fish food in the game with the snake and the beatles

It has not been suggested by anyone, so it is very unlikely. Luckily, you can purchase additional songs through Beatles Rock Band's in-game store. There is no need for another disk if they can already release more songs in-game.

I am not sure, but there are 3 guitars to promote the game.

It came out September 9 2009 and it is the best game yet

Beatles For Sale is the Beatles' fourth album

Yes. Every Rock Band game (1, 2, 3, Beatles, Green Day) is available for the Wii.

Yes, the Beatles were real.the-beatles

The Beatles are the Beatles. They are not Abbey Road they have a song called Abbey Road and that is a street name in England, but I promise the Beatles are the Beatles not anything else.

the beatles the beatles

No, the Beatles were not racist

The Beatles are/were British.

Answers.com can only really provide factual answers, but the Beatles are still very highly regarded after 50 years and several of their albums are considered game changing classics.

Probably not. It;s been said, that although the sales were good, It's just too expensive to make a Beatles game with all the legal song rights.

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

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