Did Tony Stark have any siblings?

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Did Henry VIII have any siblings?

Henry had an Older Brother "Arther" who would have been King and was crowned Prince of Wales, but he died of a "sweating disease" aged 16. His Sisters "Margaret" died aged 52, and "Mary" died aged 37. Henry died aged 56. There were however other childred born to Henry VII and Elizabeth Plantagenet.. ( Full Answer )

Did Alexander bell have any siblings?

Yes he had two brothers, their names were Melville and Edward. Unfortunately both of his brothers died of tuberculosis.

Does tom chaplin have any siblings?

Not that I'm aware of. However, Tim Rice Oxley (bandmate) has a brother also named Tom, who was born a month after Tom Chaplin was. Go Keane!!!!! :) Tom has an older sister ( about 2 years older) who looks a lot like him, and a brother about 4 years older than him. He has a huge family I'm ocyrus Ch ( Full Answer )

Does Naruto have any siblings?

he does have a sister tsuki she is a hidden member of the akatsuki. naruto does not have a sister though in a few comics from shippuuden it is said that he does

Ironman movie Tony Stark lives in a huge house...whos is it?

Possibily the Carnegie mansion (he was the founder of U.S.Steel which assumed its present name in l90l). Nope sorry boys, it was all done digitally, the interior is built on a sound stage. I'm a pretty good framer, if you want to put up the funds, I'll build it. Of course I will have to live in the ( Full Answer )

Who's smarter better hero Bruce Wayne batman or Tony stark ironman?

Batman would lose to iron man. iron man is far more advanced thanthat wanna be. batman is so stupid, it took him 3 hours to beat aguy in a purple costume who wears make up. Batman is also afraid ofiron! MARVEL RULES BATMAN DROOLS. lets see... BATMAN: high human stregnth, agility, athleticism and ( Full Answer )

How tall is tony stark?

In the comics he is around 6 feets but in the movies Robert downey jr is 5'8. So the real Iron man is 6 feet while in the movies he is 5'8

Why was tony stark in the hulk movie?

Tony Stark was in the Hulk movie to hint towards the movie "The Avengers". It was telling fans that Hulk and Iron Man are both going to be the this movie. For more about this question, watch the secret iron man scene after the credits in the movie Iron Man.

Who kidnaps tony stark?

Stark is kidnapped by a terrorist organisation known as the ten rings. It is later revealed that they were paid to do this by Obadiah Stane, supposedly Tony's friend and colleague in Stark Industries

Who kidnapped tony stark in iron man?

Tony Stark was kidnapped by Raza The commander of the terrorist group, "The Ten Rings". Raza did so at the command of Obadiah Stane so that Stane could gain control of Stark Industries in tyhe event of Tony`s death.

What was the job of Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie?

Iron Man, the armor clad tragic hero is Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. Son of Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark, and heir to their high-tech weapons research and development company Stark Industries. A born genius, Tony entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergradua ( Full Answer )

Does Toni Braxton have siblings?

Yes she does have siblings. She has five siblings: Trina, Tamar, Traci, Towanda, and Michael Braxton.

Does tony stark die?

No Tony Stark doesn't die but in Iron Man he was completely wounded by the Ten Rings for three months of captivity.

Does Ariel Moore have any Siblings?

She has a younger sister named Alexandria Nicole (Alex), an older brother named Anthony, and an older sister named Amanda.

Did Loki have any siblings?

His true siblings are Helblindi and Byleistr. Because of a deal struck between Odin and the Jotunn, Loki was raised as one of the Aesir and a son of Odin. Loki is actually a half-brother of Odin. The comic books have taken radical liberties with the old Norse myths.

Did Balboa have any siblings?

Yes, Vasco Nunez de Balboa did have siblings. He had threebrothers, he was the third born out of fouro.

Does Vin Diesel have any siblings?

He has a twin brother named Paul, a younger brother named Tim, and a sister named Samantha. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

In 'Twilight' does Edward have any siblings?

Yes he does (im the biggest fan Eva) he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters but since theyre all adopted by Mr. Carlisle and Ms. Esme Cullen they date each other so Emmett and Rosalie are toghether and Alice and Jasper are toghether and Edward has met Bella and is going to turn her by "mistake" and will ha ( Full Answer )

Did h have any sibling?

means do you have any children or child. It means do you have any brothers or sisters.

Does Laurence Yep have any siblings?

Yes. He has an older and younger brother. I forget his older brother's name but his younger brother's name is Spike.

Do Zeus have any siblings?

Yes, Zeus has 5 siblings: Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. Note that Hera is both his sister as well as his wife.

Do Olive and Pepper have any siblings?

Yes, from the episode Peanut Butter Clutter, I heard that the guy "Cumber" is their older brother, he is so ugly..... Anyways, i heard his name is Gerald, what a cute name, huh? Some peope say that his name is Kelly but I have heard more Gerald. THay come from Europe, is what I heard.

Who is tony stark in love with?

In the comics, Stark had affairs with plenty of girls, in the movies there is an attraction between him and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).

How did Tony Stark become Iron Man?

Tony Stark got hit with a missile, but he had a bullet proof vest on. So only little pieces of metal went in him and he got kidnapped. That's where he met Dr. Yinson who made him a super magnet to keep the metal from going into his heart. Tony then made a better portable one and invented a suit to e ( Full Answer )

Who is smarter tony stark or Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne is a genius, he many times has figured out The Riddler's riddles and has out smarted Lex Luthor among other feats. He is the worlds best detective, also he has never lost his company or went bankrupt. Tony Stark is a genius as well, he can make a suit from a cave and such, but he hasn ( Full Answer )

Did tony starks dad create the super soldier formula?

No , Because the Super Soldier Serum was developed by Weapons Plus , led by Josef Reinstein during World War II. The serum provided the subject with increased stamina, speed and strength, however the serum was only successfully used by the program once before the program was "put on ice" by the U ( Full Answer )

What is Tony starks birthday?

His real name is Dennis Coles, his birth date is May 9, 1970. He was born in new York.

How can they put Tony Stark Iron Man in The Hulk and not have a follow up movie?

there is a follow up though. after Iron Man and the Hulk, They began production on Thor, Captain America, The Green Lantern, and even Nick Fury. All of them are members of the Avengers. Im not into comic books so i dont know the rest of the team but there is an Avengers movie in production, set to r ( Full Answer )

What field of enginering was Tony Stark in the movie iron man?

Tony stark,an engineering genius,build his first circuit board at the age of 4 and engine at 6,he graduated from MIT(massachusetts institute technology ) and obtained a PHD in physics and electrical engineering ,major in either robotics or mechatronics. Hope this could help

In the movie why Tony Stark reveals himself an iron Man?

He had no reason to hide it. Most super heros have secret identities to keep their famlies safe, or so that they could be regular people in their time off. Stark had no family and already wasn't regular.

How many iron man suits did tony stark make?

Three. One when he was captured by Terroists and forced to build weapons for them in the First one, and later improved by Obadiah Stane to try to destroy him, but he failed, and the suit was either scrapped or perserved. (I forgot.) The second one was the sliver prototype, which was later modified b ( Full Answer )

What does Super Hero Squad iron man's tony stark face look like?

If you watch season 1 episode 1 and lo... a pilot shall come you can see at the first 40 seconds Tony wearing the suit but with his mask off, and in season 1 episode 2 this silver this surfer somewhere after the 19th minute you can see his armor a bit damaged so you can see his hair although it is r ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to use ion thrusters as tony stark did?

tony stark is a fictional character yes^ that is true, however, ion thrusters do exist. nasa made an ion engine, or thruster. how do they work? like this: Ion thrusters use beams of ions (electrically charged atoms or molecules) to create thrust in accordance with momentum conservation . The ( Full Answer )

Is tony stark bisexual?

Tony Stark is probably a closeted bisexual. It is never stated inthe comics, but it has been hinted at, and Tony had heavy subtextwith some male characters like Henry Hellrung and Tiberious Stone.

Can tony stark be real?

Tony Stark from Iron man is a fictitious character. However, there are probably many people with that name.

Does Tony Stark say the F-word at the end of the first Iron Man?

No. No use of the F-word was used in the film. According to theParent's Guide on IMDB.com :. Son of a B*tch is used several timed, 2 scatologicalterms, 1 anatomical term, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (sourpatch), 7 religious exclamations..

What is Tony Stark famous for?

Tony Stark is the name of the protagonist in the Iron Man movies. He is a fictional character. Tony Stark is famous for being Iron Man and saving the world from many villans.

Is there a real tony stark?

Elon Musk is sometimes considered to be the real Tony Stark. Elon Musk is an inventor and entrepreneur who is known for his work with Tesla Motors and for co-founding PayPal.