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No. "My Boo" was just a collaboration they did with they each other because they were both fans of each others music.

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Did Alicia Keys grow up with usher?

I think Alicia Keys did grow up with Usher.

Did Alicia keys and usher date?

Alicia Keys and Usher never dated but they sang some duets together

Did Alicia Keys have a baby with usher?


Is Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys cousin?


Are Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys a couple?


Did usher date Alicia Keys?

Usher is not dating alica keys because he is married and just had a son.

Did usher been in love with Alicia Keys?

No never will never has!

Have usher and Alicia keys kissed?

Yes, in their music video "My Boo" .

What is a good song about falling in love?

My boo Usher and Alicia Keys (:

Did usher date Alicia Keys when he was younger?

No i dont think so

Did Usher ever kiss Alicia Keys face to face?

Yes, Usher did kiss Alicia keys in their music video My Boo, right at the end when they finally came together. However they are really good friends so the kiss didnt mean anything..

What was Usher's hit song in 2004?

Usher Had a couple of hits, "Burn" and "Confessions Part II" Usher and Alicia Keys had a hit "My Boo"

Who has Alicia Keys sang with?

I only saw Alicia Keys Sang with Jay-Z with that single called New York but i think there is some artists she sang with such as Usher , Stevie Wonder etc.

Is Alicia Keys still with Usher?

No she is not with Usher anymore. They got separated in 2008.I don't know why they got separated. They looked so cute together.

Who is the half time entertainment for the NBA all-star game?

Shakira, Alicia Keys, Usher

What is the name of the song that has the following lyrics you will always be my boo talking about my boo?

Boo by Alicia Keys and Usher

Did usher use to date Alicia Keys before marriage?

No they r just really good friends.

Who did usher duet with in your boo?

My Boo. Usher featuring Alicia Keys. It was ranked 36th most popular song of the 2000-2009 decade in the United States.

Who IS Better Alicia Dixon or Alicia Keys?

Alicia keys

How tall is Alicia Keys?


Does Alicia keys have children?

Alicia keys has 2 children

Did Alicia Keys had a boy or girl?

Alicia keys had a baby.

What is Alicia Keys having?

Alicia Keys is having a boy.

How old is Alicia Keys bother?

Alicia keys do not have a brother.

How rich is Alicia Keys?

alicia keys is verry rich