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Q: Did Vannesa and Zac really break up?
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Who does zac love ashely tisdale or vannesa?

zac likes vannesa because i heard that vannesa broke up with Zac and Zac wants vannesa

How many times did vannesa and zac break up?

They broke up once.

When did zac efron break up with vannesa hudgon?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron broke up in December 2010.

Did vannesa hudgens and zac efron break up?

Yes, they broke up on December 13, 2010

Why did Zac Efron break up with vannesa?

zac efron has not broken up with vannesa they are perfectly happy and they are getting fed up with people lying like that. but don't we all wish that zac and vanessa have broken up(not in a bad way) we all want zac efron x x x

Is Vannesa Anne Hudgens break up with Zac Efron?

Vanessa doesn't broke up with Zac, they are still together and i think they are almost planning to engaged or they are already engaged !

Did zac break up with vannesa?

Yes he broke up with her 2 times No they haven't broken up since they began dating and they are still going out now

Did Zac kiss Miley and break Vanessa's heart?

i wish i knewzac poops vanessa out all the timebut u can look it up @ answers.comyes i think zac broke vannesa heart

Are zac efroon and vannesa hudes still together?

no they broke up

Whiy did zac brake up with vannesa?

Vanessa asked for the breakup before Zacs 20th birthday and Zac agreeed.

Is Zac Efron still going out with vannesa?

i'm sad to say no. Zac and Vanessa broke up in 2011, but Vanessa and Zac are still good friends...

When vannesa and zac broken up?

No he still is going out with vanessa hudgens and they are thinking about having a baby.well that's what the paparatzi told me .zac you have got alot to talk about.

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