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yes he did in the siege of the Alamo

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Q: Did William travis write a letter?
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Why did William B travis write the letter from the Alamo?

William B. Travis wrote the letter to from the Alamo because he wanted help.

Who wrote victory or death letter?

William B. Travis

Why did William B Travis wrote the letter for and what was he asking for?

because he wanted something

Who had a letter which said To the people of Texas and all Americans in the world....?

William B. Travis

Did William B Travis have pneumonia?

william B Travis did have pneumonia

Was William b travis adopted?

William B. Travis was NOT adopted. His parents names were Mark and Jemima Travis.

When was William B Travis tag built?

When was william b. travis built?

Where was William B Travis a commander?

William B Travis was a commander at the ALAMO.

What is William Barret Travis's birthday?

William Barret Travis was born on August 9, 1809.

William B. Travis?

William b travis is the leader at the battlwe of the Alamo leading the Texans:)

Who was the commander of the Alamo during the battle?

William Travis and James Bowie.

Which Alamo defender ring is displayed in the long barrack museum?

Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson.