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Did Winchester ever make a 22 rifle model 69A with a 20 inch barrel?


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Yes, they called it their "Youth Model" a.k.a. Boy's Rifle.

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The Winchester model 1894 rifle was never made with a vent rib barrel! the only Winchester made firearms with a vent rib barrel was Winchester shotguns.

Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

The model number of the rifle should be stamped into the barrel by the Winchester name. If the barrel doesn't have the Winchester name, the model of the gun, and the caliber it's chambered for stamped into it, it's not the barrel that came with the gun. This will complicate the identification and you'll need to post a picture to get an answer. The serial number on a Winchester rifle is only unique to the particular model. Pretty much every model rifle Winchester ever made had one unit with that serial number. It could be anything from a lever action 1895 to a model 12 pump shot gun. If you're have both the model number and serial number, go to the website listed below to find the date it was made. Scroll down to "Related Links" and click on "Arms Collector". These guys turned the Winchester Archives from the Cody Museum into a searchable database

The value depends on condition of the rifle and the model. IE scratches and dents in the stock etc... also how many rounds have been shot through the barrel. If your below 300 rounds there is still some barrel life left. Guessing you have an average model 70 no bull barrel or Coyote model 70 without a scope 400.00 to 500.00 if in great condition. However when ever I buy a used rifle that can shoot in the 3000 fps range I bore scope it first to see if there is barrel life left.

The model 25 winchester which was made from 1949-1954,with a total production figure of 87,937.My research does not state if winchester ever did make a vent-rib barrel for the model 25 shotgun.It did come with either a 26in or 28in barrel.I hope this helps.

Yes they did.The sears model number was model 54.This was a Winchester model 94.

The .348 Winchester was introduced in 1936 in the Winchester Model 71 lever action rifle. The Model 71 was the final culmination of the traditional large frame Winchester lever action rifles. Most experts regard it as the best and smoothest of them all. The model 71 was discontinued in 1958. A total of 47,254 Model 71 rifles were produced. The .348 Winchester was the only cartridge for which it was ever chambered. In the late 1970s Browning produced a reproduction of the model 71 in limited quantities which were made in Japan. Most parts are interchangeable with the original Winchesters with the exception of the barrel which has a different threading.

No.As a matter of fact I have no records of Winchester ever making a model 6!Could you be thinking of the Winchester model of 1906 .22cal.rifle?

Ranger 22 were made by serval different companies Stevens , marlin, Winchester,savage just to name a few. How ever there should be a model # on it . Check out Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog .I too have a .22 target rifle marked on ranger.22 long rifle cannot find any other writing or numbers.I too also have the ranger 22LR. looking for the proper scope base model or size to fit the large barrel size barrel very large most commenly called target barrelThis is likely a Savage/Stevens Model 416 sold through Sears as explained above. This model just said RANGER-.22 LONG RIFLE with no model number.

The only rifle that comes to mind after reading your description is the spencer rifle.Especially a rifle that feed through the buttstock.I do not believe that Winchester ever produced a spencer carbine either during or after the civil war.

If you ever plan to fire it again, you might give very carefull consideration taking all the pieces to a reputable gunsmith.

the winchester Rifling refers to the grooved twists in a gun barrel that imparts spin to a bullet thus stabilizing it and producing more accuracy. The earliest rifled guns were made in the 15th century which would predate Winchester by quite a bit.

I have an 1895 in 30-06 that has Redfield peep sights on it. The site is adjustable for range and windage. I know the sights were on it before 1960. I do not know if the came with the rifle because serial numbers indicate it was made in 1921 I have in my collection a reprinted catalog of Winchester repeating arms co.that was printed in June of 1896.This catalog shows no flip up sights offered from the factory at that time.(Rifle was new in 1895).My father in law has in his possession A Winchester model 1895 sporting rifle in 38-72Win caliber with a serial number that puts production in the year 1905.His rifle has a side mounted elevating peep sight that was added to the rifle in 1907.I do not believe that Winchester ever offered a flip up peep sight for this rifle.Redfield,Marbles and Lyman I believe were the 3 main suppliers of after market sights for the Model 1895 rifle.

my grandfather was given a2520 model 64 wcf lever rifle prior ww2 to shoot dingo for a living it was 5 shot round barrel sheilded for sight pistolgrip curved lever like a marlen serial no 1003170 what is its value it was one of one boxfull that ever came to australia.

The Model 55 was introduced in 1924 when Winchester decided to standardize the Model 1894 as a carbine. Up to that time, the Model 1894 could be ordered as rifle or carbine, with any number of special order features. With the Model 1894 no longer available as a rifle, Winchester introduced the Model 55 which was basically a continuation of that rifle version of the 1894. Interestingly enough, there were some special order features available on the Model 55. Your gun's receiver was serialized in 1929 but it may have been a year or more before it was assembled and warehoused. If it ever comes up for sale, we'd be interested. Edit by Bert H. Per the serialization records held by the Cody Firearms Museum, Model 55 serial number 1075504 was not serialized until May of 1931. It is a relatively late production rifle, and it is most likely a Solid frame.

Winchester made a total of 720,609 rifles & carbines between 1873 and 1923. The best source of a breakdown of rifles and carbines would be the Buffalo Bill Winchester Museum in Cody, Wyoming, which houses the Winchester factory collection of firearms and the historical records of Winchester Repeating Arms Co. TexasCharley Winchester '73s were manufactured for 50 years, from 1873 until 1923. A total of 720,609 rifles and carbines were manufactured. The 32" barrel is the rifle barrel. The best source of a breakdown of rifles vs carbines would be the Buffalo Bill Winchester museum in Cody, Wyoming, which houses the complete Winchester factory collection and Winchester's historical records. TexasCharley -- VERY RARE -- Actually, the standard rifle barrel was 24" long. Muskets were 30" long. A 32" barrel would have been a special order, and barrels that long are exceptionally rare. The gun should also have other special order features, sights almost certainly. One one of every 600 rifles produced had a barrel longer than standard, and 26" or 28" was by far the most popular special order length. I would bet no more than a couple hundred on the outside were ever produced with a 32" barrel. That said, any such speciment encountered MUST be checked for authenticity. A factory letter is a MUST, if the information is available. Also, a hands-on evaluation by someone very familiar with that model (knowing how far apart the magazine bracket dovetails should be) is another must. If you have such a rifle, in any kind of decent condition, I would insure for $5000 minimum.

that rifle is actually a Winchester mod.131try numrich arms for parts. this was the first gun i ever it in 1976 or so. still have it.always will...good luck Dave retzlaff two rivers wi.

.270 WCF means Winchester Center fire. Yes, same round- and IMHO, one of the best rifle cartridges ever made.

Yes and it has become a very valuable collectors item

There've been a few different stocks available on the Winchester Model 70 throughout the years, with very visible differences between them. At the time when that rifle was manufactured, there was almost certainly more than one stock option available.

Of the 20,580 Model 55 Rifles that were manufactured, appoximately 81% (or 16670) were Take Downs. The Solid Frame Model 55 is the rarest Winchester model configuration ever made. If you can provide me with the serial number and caliber, I can tell you whne it was made, and the overall statistical numbers.

Marlin made their Mod 336 chambered in 30-30 which is similar to, but not a copy of, the Winchester model 94. Taurus has a copy of the Mod 92 and may bring out a model 94 now that Winchester has stopped making them.

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