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Q: Did Winchester make a 32WS in a model 94 and a model 1894?
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Is 1967 Winchester 94 a disired model?

A Winchester model 1894 rifle made in 1967 may be desirable to some people,but the pre-64 model of the Winchester model 1894 is more desirable to collectors.The rifles made from 1894-1941 are the most desirable rifles of this make for collectors.

Did Winchester make the model 94 in 1956?

Yes winchester did make the model 1894 rifle in 1956.The serial number range was 2,145,297-2,225,000.

What year did they make the model 94-30 30 serial 4462398?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1976.

What year did they make model 94 Winchester serial number 3407678?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was produced in the year 1971.

Is your Winchester model 94 lever action serial number 1760870 a pre- war model?

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1951,which would make it not a pre war model,if you are talking about WWII.

What year of manufacture is serial number 1894128?

What make and model? If it's an 1894 Winchester, it was made in 1952. If a model 12 shotgun, it was made in 1961.

How much is a 1921 serial number 898008 model 1894 Winchester rifle worth?

The average value for a rifle of this make and model is approximately $2,000. The value can vary depending on its condition.

I have a 25 35 Winchester model 1894 when did they start making and stop making themwhat is it worth?

The .25-35 Winchester cartridge was one of the first smokeless powder sporting cartridges introduced by Winchester in 1895, and chambered in their Model 1894 lever action rifle. The barrel of a 25-35 Winchester has the fastest rifling twist of all the pre-1964 cartridges chambered for a Model 1894 rifle or carbine. Winchester advertised that the 117 grain bullet would develop a muzzle velocity of 2,230 fps, and a muzzle energy of 1,292 fpe. Winchester discontinued the Model 1894 rifle and carbine that was chambered in .25-35 Winchester in 1936. Currently Winchester will make seasonal manufacturing runs of the .25-25 Winchester cartridge, and there are also other munitions manufacturers who cater to Cowboy Action Shooting who produce the cartridge. The value of your .25-25 Winchester cannot be determined unless it is examined by a person who has considerable experience and expertise with this model Winchester. The Model 1894 was made in many rifle, regular carbine, and saddle ring carbine variations, and to assign a value one must determine the date of manufacture, internal and external condition of the firearm, if the parts are original, if there are any significant markings, as well as other factors. If a Model 1894 Winchester that is chambered in .25-35 Winchester is in good to excellent condition with all of it's original parts, wood, and hardware the value could run into several thousand of dollars.

What is the value of a Winchester model 30aw?

Winchester did not make a Model 30

How many models of breakdowns model 94 did Winchester make?

Are you asking out of all the Model 1894's ever made how many were in take down configuration? Or are you asking how many Model 94's were made in take down configurations. Remember, it was called the Model 1894 unitl the 1,000,000th was made and afterwards called the Model 94.

What year did they make Winchester?

The Winchester Model 1894 (94) was in continuous production from October of the year 1894 through March of the year 2006. It endured for an unprecedented 112-years + years of production, and was one of John M. Browning's best and most successful designs and patents. Bert H.

What years did Winchester manufacture model 81?

Winchester did not make a model 81.