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Winchester did not make a model 81.

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Q: What years did Winchester manufacture model 81?
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What years was the Winchester Model 81 22 bolt action produced?

Winchester did not produce a Model 81 bolt action. Exactly how is your rifle marked?

What is the value of an American Winchester model 81?

50-600 usd

What is the value of a Winchester 30 30 rifle Model 81?

Be Careful! Winchester did not make a Model 81.Remington made a model 81 Woodmaster in 30 Rem.cartridge.This is different than the 30-30 cartridge in the fact that the 30 Rem was a rimless cartridge and the 30-30 Win cartridge was a rimmed cartridge.They both headspace differently.

What year was Model 70 Winchester in 270 win. made with Serial Number G2186440?

Post 81.

What was the manufacture date of a Smith and Wesson Model 586 revolver with serial number AAC5xxx?


Where can you find the date of manufacture and other information about a Marlin Model 81 s l lr 22 caliber bolt action tube fed rifle with a gold coin pressed into the stock?

Marlin made the Model 81 for many years. What markings are on the 'gold coin?'

How many Winchester model 55 take-downs did Winchester make?

Of the 20,580 Model 55 Rifles that were manufactured, appoximately 81% (or 16670) were Take Downs. The Solid Frame Model 55 is the rarest Winchester model configuration ever made. If you can provide me with the serial number and caliber, I can tell you whne it was made, and the overall statistical numbers.

Where can you buy a replacement clip for your Browning BLR Model 81 in 284 Winchester?

Try or google search it for several different retailers and aftermarket sources

What years was the colt python target model made?

from what i've read, the target model 8" 38 special was made for 2 years '80 and '81

Why the marlin model 81 stoped manufacturing?

Your Model 81 was halted in the year 2003.I would surmise that Marlin had a new model in the works at the time of the model 81 demise.

How far from Fredricksburg Va to Winchester Va?

81 miles

What are the years Marlin made the model 81 rifle?

1937-1940 (only the 81B, 81BE in 1940).

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