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Did Zac Efron and Vannessa Hudgens break up?

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Yes they did break up...they broke up 12/14/10 tuesday...They high school musical couple is finally over.

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Is Zac Efron going out with vannessa hudgens?


Does Vannessa Hudgens have a boyfriend?

yes. Zac Efron.

Did vannessa hudgens and Zac Efron get married?

no not yet

Is Zac Efron dating vannessa ann hudgens?

No, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up in December 2010.

Is Zac Efron dating Vannessa hudgens at the minute?


Is zac efron and vannessa hudgens still dating?

yes he is

Is Zac Efron engaed to vannessa hudgens?

No, they broke up.

Is Zac Efron and Vannessa Hudgens together?

yes they are together

Who do you are you going out w?

Zac Efron, From Vannessa Anne Hudgens :)

Did zac efron and vannessa hudgens have a baby?

They do not have a baby together.

Is vannessa anne hudgens single?

I hear that Zac Efron is with her so no.

Is vannessa hudgens married?

no she is not married. her and zac efron might get married.

Is Vannessa Ann Hudgens single?

She's married to Zac efron!!

Who is vannessa anne hudgens dating right know?

zac efron

Where are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens getting married?

The news is confirmed that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are getting married next year. Apparently Zac proposed to Vannessa in Japan and she accepted. Zac is 21 and Vannessa is 20. They say that they are ready to tie the knot.

Does vannessa hudgens want to marry Zac Efron?

No, Vanessa Hudgens does not want to marry Zac Efron. The two dated briefly, but broke up in December 2010.

Has vanessa hudgens ever farted with zac efron?

she gased in front of zac and he farted in front of vannessa

Did Zac Efron go out with Ashley before vannessa anne hudgens?

yes, they was going out for abit until zac found vannessa there sooooooo cute :):):):):):):) i luv zac!!!!

Is vannessa hudgens bi?

No she is not.She has dated Zac Efron for five years ( 2005-2010).

How many people like vannessa hudgens?

about only 2 people and that is zac efron and me

Has Zac Efron been dating vannessa hudgens from high school musical?


Have Zac Efron and vannessa hudgens got a child?

No they do not have any children. They are not even married.

What celebrities has Zac Efron kissed?

ashly tisdale monique coleman vannessa hudgens beyonce

Is Zac Efron still with vannessa hudgens?

They were never married. (Improved answer) They broke up in 2010.

Who's vanessa's new new new boyfriend?

Vannessa Anne Hudgens is still with Zac Efron.

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